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This is something I have been meaning to finish and release for ages. A lot of people probably haven't even heard of it but it was the firs...


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This is something I have been meaning to finish and release for ages. A lot of people probably haven't even heard of it but it was the first realism mod and the last version seemed pretty popular for a while. Posting my own file means I can't review it so I want plenty of viable feedback.

The last version however fun it may have been I felt was too simple and had some major shortcomings. So to make it more fair I further tweaked units, including locals so the tuskens and wookies don't have such a huge advantage over you anymore. The main idea at first was to also balance vehicles, so heavy troopers with the misile launchers were good for something other than rocket whoring. I also wanted to make the mod live up to its name and make things more accurate to the movies. I don't have a new hope but using the others I made as much of the content as similar to their cameo versions s possible, then balance it all. I know most people have moved on to SWBFII But I hope you enjoy this anyway.

As with most side mods this will not work with Hoth, but there is a remade version avilable(packaged with Eisenfausts realism mod) that this has been proven compatible with.

For a more comprehensive list of changes, you can check the readme, or just explore things.

Consider this a late christmas present to the community...?


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Download 'a_mod_omg.rar' (98.33MB)

Name: SWBF Movie realism mod v1.3
By: Kyross

Ok. I took way too long with this version, but I wanted to be sure it was ready. This time it's more than just a fix to how fast people die and how fast the bolts move.
I watched the mvies lately and found many discrepancies in how the game worked. One thing I couldn't fix because the model lacked the needed firepoints was the Droideka weapon. But it is changed.
That aside. A list of the changes that I can remember:

-Vehicle weapons/Anti vehicle weapons scaled in damage to work right. Missiles will be MUCH more effective against vehicles, and so on so forth. Vehicles with turret weapons/secondry positions have in most cases been made mjor anti vehicle weapons. Such as the rotating gun on the front of the combat speeder, the top gun on the AAT/ATTE, etc. One or two shots from these should be devastating if not deadly to other vehicles. There are many other tweaks to vehicle weapons.

-AAT now has missiles as secondary weapons for the driver, though they aren't particularily accurate. Also the launcher for the ATST gunner has been activated. TIE fighter and Droid fighters now have proton torpedoes/missiles as it is in swbfII and as they were intended to be.

-Heavy trooper class has had their missile launchers made secondary weapon and a blaster rifle as their primary. However the blaster rifle only has one round and is for emergency defensive purposes. They have less grenades and mines.

-Scout class now have disguise kits and time bombs so they can act as saboteurs.

-Jet trooper weapons enanced slightly.

-Darktrooper given new gun, more or less.

-Bowcaster holds more ammo in a clip and shoots a little faster.

-Locals now affected by incresed weapon speed/reduced health except Jawas and Ewoks.

-The gunships now have smaller shots like machine guns like in the clone wars series rather than the big bolts. They also fire 2 missiles at a time, and the turbolasers have explosions as they did in the movie. Health was reduced.

-Hailfire droid rate of fire increased. Got rid of the purple glow.

-Remote droids and droideka shields don't lose health over time anymore, only when hit. Shield recharge time made longer and shield has more hitpoints.

-Heroes don't use foce powers quite as frequently.

Those are some of the bigger changes. My brain is failing me now though.

Thanks to:
for testing, ideas, support.
L5R who got me started on modding ages ago.
All the people who emailed/commented with consturctive criticism and support.
And lastly, pandemic, filefront, and the modding community that has kept the game alive for so long.

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