Kamino: Nurioca City

The updated Version of Kamino: Nurioca City!


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The updated Version of Kamino: Nurioca City!

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Download 'kam21.1.zip' (2.62MB)

Location on HDD: C:\program files\lucasarts\star wars battlefront\gamedata\addon

Map Name: Kamino: Nurioca City

Description: This is a Kamino map with starfighters. There are 2 Cloning Facilities.

Author's name: Yokiehee/Darth-Derkie

Author's e-mail adress: derkvanderheide@hotmail.com

File Size: 2,61MB

Version 1.1 Final

Thanks to: Saturn V: 4x4 Wall


The CP's where the vehicles spawn are now Major CP's
The CP's Inside the Cloning Facilities are now normal CP's
The Vehicle CP for the Clones is now Captureable
There is now ticket bleeding
Unit Count Changed to 40
Reinforcements Count changed to 300 (for each side)
The Republic gets both Cloning Facilities and the CIS gets the Alpha 3

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