Karccev: Forest

Ty294 returns from a modding hiatus with this map, Karccev: Forest. The map is a war between a Mandalorian-like faction (the Taung Confedera...


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Ty294 returns from a modding hiatus with this map, Karccev: Forest. The map is a war between a Mandalorian-like faction (the Taung Confederacy) and the Sinyan Imperium (stormtroopers, basically). The map takes place on a snowy planet.Essentially, the map is a snowy plain with a bunch of trees scattered around. There are some turrets and walls you can construct, but other than that the map is pretty barren. This isn't bad, though, because it feels natural and doesn't require a lot of objects in order to feel like an actual landscape. There are about 5 or 6 CPs to fight over. Four of them are in a line for the two playable factions to fight over, and the other one is set way off to the side for the native faction to spawn at. You can capture this one, but it's really out of the way and doesn't offer much benefit.

The map's sides are pretty basic, though they are new. Both sides have a rifleman unit, a unit with a missile launcher, a unit with a rifle and repair tool, a unit with a sniper, and a commander unit that has a special weapon. The Mandalorians have a knife in place of the pistol for close quarters combat, and the Imperials' special unit have an "artillery strike" that can be used to destroy a large area of the map at once. The Mandalorian special unit has a chaingun instead of a pistol like the opposing special unit does. The militia (the native faction) doesn't seem to have anything more powerful than rifles, but it doesn't really matter since you can't play as them. Almost all the units are reskinned, and the skins are for the most part pretty good.On to the bugs list- the Mandalorian model's shadow doesn't work and just stays in the base pose for the entirety of its life. This is probably something that should be fixed if possible, but if not it's not a gamebreaking bug. A couple things I noticed and liked- there is actually a video on the map select screen, which is something you rarely see anymore. I liked this. Also, the units all had different names and everything was localized correctly. 

This is a bit different and I like seeing the little extra touches in a map.Overall, this map is pretty good- it's for SWBF, which is always nice to see mainly because we don't get many of these anymore. So, if you're looking for something new to play in the original SWBF, give this a download. It's a pretty fun map.-Jedikiller

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