Kashyyk Jungle War

This is version 2

Kashyyk Jungle War is a Single Player map at the moment and can be played in both era.

This map takes place in a jun...


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File Description

This is version 2

Kashyyk Jungle War is a Single Player map at the moment and can be played in both era.

This map takes place in a jungle like enviroment. The jungle is situated inside a valley and surrounded by hills and mountains. Some parts are heavily vegetated. There is a river located in the center which kind of seperates the jungle in to 2 parts. You are able to walk through the water since the river is not that deep. The Empire and Rebels are both occupying a side of the river.

The first you will notice is that the map is insanely huge which of course is not a bad thing. But it takes a long time before you actually reach the enemy. It's kind of boring walking several minutes with nothing going on.

Some things have been changed:

- many more vehicles, including flyers - more plants and variation in the landscape - more NPCs - color added - some props added

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Download 'kashyyk_jungle_war_version2.zip' (7.94MB)

Kashyyk: Jungle War (version 2)

General Description

This is the second, vastly improved version of the my little "jungle" map. On the advice of many kind people on various forums, I have:

- Added lots of vehicles
- added lots of trees
- added more NPCs
- done a lot of landscaping

I have also added color and tried to make some AI improvements.

The files included here are a map that takes place in a wide-open river valley using many elements of the Kashyyk world. At the moment, this is a single-player, instant-action map that can be used in either era.

The map, which can be played in either era, is to take place on Kashyyk, in a wide-open river valley and the surrounding hills and mountains. Republic/Empire is attacking the CIS/Rebels. The attack can take place either on the flats and paddies along the river or by trudging through a heavily vegetated mountain pass. You take on the enemy, usually in large numbers, either on an open range with little cover or a steep, narrow mountain pass with low visibility. 

Copy the folder kaj1 to your Star Wars Battlefront AddOn directory.

Disclaimer (?)

There still may be some bugs, and I am not afraid to hear about them. I am seeking a technical mentor.

This map by: 	Pie, Jr.

Please reference "Jungle War" in the e-mail subject.

To Do

- Fix glaring bugs
- Take and possibly implement player suggestions

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