Kashyyyk: Village 2.0

This is a custom mod map for SWBF1. It features some custom sides as well as additional features including allied, independent factions. It...


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This is a custom mod map for SWBF1. It features some custom sides as well as additional features including allied, independent factions. It takes place on the planet Kashyyyk, and is playable in both the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War eras.

There are videos for version 1.0, which should give you a good idea of what you're getting with this mod so check them out on YouTube! If you want to know what's different between versions, check out the ReadMe.

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Download 'Wk1_V2.zip' (16.02MB)

About This Version (2.0)

Version: 2.0

Released: 11th May 2019 6:14am

Welcome and thank you for downloading "KASHYYYK: VILLAGE" version 2.0!
This is a custom mod map for Star Wars Battlefront 1.


1. Download the file.
2. Go to your downloads folder and extract the files with Wk1_V2 and put them into your Star Wars Battlefront/GameData/AddOn file.
3. Play!

1. Adjusted spawn points for the Lower Village command post, so they are more clustered near the CP.
2. Count Dooku has been arrested for illegal possession of a time machine, and no longer assists the CIS in this battle. He has been replaced with OOM-47.
3. The wookies have received armaments and training from the Republic, greatly expanding their roster and weapon loadouts.
4. The Rebel Alliance now have the Rebel Conciliator added to their roster to fill the gap left by the Wookie Smuggler.
5. The secondary defending team (Clones in CW era, Wookies in GCW,) have had their aggressiveness and unit counts adjusted for balance.
6. The secondary defending teams will now capture command posts for themselves instead of for their ally.
7. Adjusted the CIS reinforcement count for balance purposes.
8. The Wookies in the Clone Wars era now have a hero: Chief Tarfful!
9. Fixed some slightly floating objects.
10. Adjusted vehicle pathing and barriers, so now there should be far less of the tanks trying to climb impassable cliffs.
11. Added Mine hint node to the North Beach command post.
12. Removed unnecessary obstacles preventing vehicular travel to certain parts of the map.
13. Other general, quality of life improvements.


Clone Wars:

The separatist invasion of Kashyyyk is moving swiftly. With the separatist forces rapidly conquering territory across the planet,
the Republic's clone forces are spread dangerously thin. The next stop for the confederate war machine is a valley occupied mostly by
a lake. The Republic has only recently deployed troops here, so the wookies must provide the bulk of the defence force for this region.
Unfortunately, both the Republic and wookie forces have been deployed in terrible positions; the CIS forces have effectively driven a wedge between them.
Cut off from each other, each team must assume control of their own command posts with no assistance from the other. To add to the Republic's woes, 
their vehicles were dropped into the wookie's territory. The situation for the defenders is dire, but their resolve is strong. Fight with the wookies
and their Republic allies or with the CIS to secure this territory.

Galactic Civil War:

A rebel cell has been deployed to Kashyyyk to rally the local wookie tribes and overthrow the Imperial occupation. However, the Empire has caught
word of this local insurrection, and have tracked the upstart rebels to a valley on the planet. However, the Empire is too late to stop the uprising;
The wookies have already taken up arms and granted the Alliance use of one of their villages. The Empire must now face a battle on two fronts, and has
deployed vehicular support to put down the rebellion. The Alliance has done similar. The forest is hushed as all three armies march to battle...

AceMastermind, for providing the OOM skin and mesh that I used to create the CIS hero.

All other work contained within this file are stock assets provided by Lucasarts and Pandemic. I have used no other custom 
content from any other modder.

-------Use of this Content-------
Use of anything contained in this file is welcome to be adjusted or otherwise altered by anyone who 
wants to, so long as I receive credit for any said works.

--------Known Issues--------

1. The tanks for both eras are missing their firing sounds. I have no idea how to fix this, if you know a solution please make it known.
2. The minimap isn't perfect, but it serves it's function and you should have no issue figuring out where it is you're going.
3. The wookie grenade launcher is missing it's firing sounds.
4. Upon spawning, the first use of the Rebel Conciliator's disguise kit will turn the player into a wookie. Subsequent uses will correctly turn the player
   into an Imperial Stormtrooper. Not sure why it does this, but at least it works most of the time.

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