KingGuru's Hoth Mod - Patch 1 of 2 [Jedi Version]

This is KingGuru's Hoth Mod, patch 1 of 2. You will need the second patch in order to fully play this mod. This mod adds the jedi...


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This is KingGuru's Hoth Mod, patch 1 of 2. You will need the second patch in order to fully play this mod. This mod adds the jedi heroes to Hoth as well as more armor and tech. Download it now and try it out!

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Download 'kinggurushothmodv.1.000jediversion_1_of_2.exe' (133KB)

Description: Release notes for v.1.000
KingGurus Hoth Mod v.1.000 
Release Oct 12th,2004

Must download both the mission.lvl and hot1.lvl files to mod.

For Star Wars BattleFront with newest patch updates. 

In this release:

Pilots Alert! ALL FLIGHT CAPS REMOVED! Fly unlimited space. 

More Vehicles on Hoth including Y-Wings, Tiefighters and X-Wing. Changed spawn points for vehicles. Each side will have each type of vehicle from both factions but at random times/random locations.

Play as Darth Vador. (jedi version only)

Millennium Falcon out of the Hangar. It now rests mid battlefield.

Several Objects have been moved or removed. None of these are permanent. Some crates are floating etc..

Added 4 more turrets : trying to move the action out in to the ATAT area , there is now a turret there as well. 2 Turrets added to the Rebel Hangar base.

Future updates= Sounds in other areas such as steam sounds near falcon , weapons changes and making more vehicles available, total hoth map conversion.

Issues in this release : The tiefighter in the rebel base is going to be swapped later.. right now you can get in but you'll explode and its the same with the Xwing which also takes along time to spawn.. these are being updated.

BACKUP BEFORE YOU PATCH! we are not responsible if you have to re-install you game due to not making backups of these two files.


C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront\GameData\Data\_LVL_PC\HOT\hot1.lvl


C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront\GameData\Data\_LVL_PC\mission.lvl

Then apply this patch. 

Delete the mod files, mission.lvl and hot1.lvl and simply use your backups versions of hot1.lvl and mission.lvl

note: this is just a fun mod to get some replay value and show a few moddable portions of the game. This patch does not alter ANY other files or maps in any way. 

---end of release notes---

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