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This is the Hunt-Mode supplement to the Battlefront Main Play Mod (found here:


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This is the Hunt-Mode supplement to the Battlefront Main Play Mod (found here:;98075). It allows you to play hunts against Wookies, Ewoks, Geonosians and Gungans.

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Download 'additional_mods_hunts.rar' (102.69MB)

This adds several options to the IA playlist for BF2-based "Hunt" modes, although they still have regular map properties. For it to work you must have downloaded the latest "Battlefront Main Play Mod".

This is the list of playable hunts:

ENDOR - EWOK HUNT (Ewoks vs Scout Troopers)
GEONOSIS - HUNT (Geonosians vs Clone Sharpshooters)
KASHYYYK - WOOKIE HUNT (MagnaGuards vs Wookies)
NABOO - GUNGAN HUNT (Gungans vs Battle Droids)

I may do others but this is it for now. Any other ideas, give me a PM on GameToast.


* Do not bother trying to destroy command post structures on Endor or Geonosis - it will take you all of the battle to do it, meanwhile the hunt continues and your team could be losing.

* The MagnaGuard Assault Carbine is very accurate when shot by AI at the Wookies. Counter with Rockets if you play as Wookies.

* The Gungans have poor ranged attacks. You have to get close, practically cornering droids. But it is not impossible to win. Snipers add a new edge to it (seen in the BF2 trailer)

* Geonosians have the advantage of flight over the Clone Sharpshooters - Sharpshooters are somewhat clumsier at shooting a flying target than an earthbound target. However, you have to get quite close to use the Sonic Blaster on them. This gives them an advantage too, when they are clustered together.

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