Methlyn: Ruins

Well, this is a map made by my "apprentice," Era Of Desann. I must say, he did quite a great job. I played both eras and loved it. The scene...


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Well, this is a map made by my "apprentice," Era Of Desann. I must say, he did quite a great job. I played both eras and loved it. The sceney and foliage are well placed and make it look like real life. The ruins aren't all just scattered, many are placed strategically too. It is a wonderful map. Remember that this is a Beta Version too. You all know that there are many great maps. This Beta Version 0.95 of Methlyn: Ruins is better than many other finished maps. The gameplay and fun factor were great too. My only complaint was that the CIS and the Rebel Alliance seem to win more and overpower the other teams. But, I'm sure it'll be fixed for the final version.

Good job, my apprentice!


- Majin Revan

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Methlyn: Ruins 
                                Beta Version .95

Author- Era Of Desann/ CommanderCJ420 

Eras- Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War 


Put the folder named Meth1 into your AddOn folder. 

Map Info- 

During the Clone Wars, Methlyn served as a CIS 
communications outpost. After the seige on Muunilinst, 
General Kenobi's forces discovered the location 
of the outpost via CIS database. Shortly after, Methlyn 
was besieged by Republic troops.

In the early days of the Rebellion, an abandoned 
communications outpost was restored to serve the Alliance. 
However the Empire intercepted a transmission from the
small moon and deployed a legion of troops to dispose of the
rebels and scour the communications database to discover 
any other rebel locations. 

New Chart Reading in CIS/Rebel base that is available to modders.
Brand new Republic rocket trooper skin, courtesty of RDST. 
New sky, courtesy of CGArtist. 
Red jet trooper. 
Clone medic. 

Known Bugs- 
1) Some bots can go through legos. 
2) The Republic Sniper, Pilot, and Jet Trooper are 
different colors in first and third person view. Obviously, the 
first person view coloring is not the color I wanted.  
3) Pilots may run into walls in an attempt to fix a turret. 

If there are any other SERIOUS bugs that you noticed and that
weren't mentioned above, please contact me via PM at I will not release my e-mail address for 
security reasons. 

This is my first mod for any game. It took up a lot of my free 
time to make it and I'm satisfied with the results. I hope you 
enjoy it! Also... 

Very Special Thanks To, 
Lord Bandu 

I couldn't have possibly made this map without you guys! 
Thank you very much!!!

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