Mudrec Island



A secret clone battalion working for chancellor palpatine discovered a new planet in the unknown regions. in the early years after the clone wars a clone battalion refuses to execute order 66 and are forced to flee they fleey to madrec. meanwhile the empire is secretly building a prototype at-act walker that will crush anyone who dares rebel againts the empire, however after being discovered by a rebel cell on bogana emperor palpatine decides to relocate them to madrec. to the surprise of the empire the island that they arrive on madrec is already inhabited by clones. the clones feeling threatened utilize there weapons against the empire in a desperate last attempt to survive, the stormtroopers now stranded on madrec must wipe out the clones to survive. in 7BBY the stormtroopers are discovered by an unaccounted for seperatist remnant. the stormtroopers are shocked to find the seperatist remnant is highly armed with mtts a supertank snailtanks and other vehicles. will the empire survive ? find out by playing the map and experince the cross era like never before.

Clone wars features clones vs empire

republic vehicles empire seperatists

atrt 2 at-act aat

atxt 2 ift imperial tx130 t aatx imperial aat variant

attes 3 atst supertank

barcspeeder rtt gat

tx130x 4 hag artillery cannon


This is A very basic but fun map to win you have to capture command posts.


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