Myrkr: Show of Force

Well, this is Myrkr: Show of Force (Version 1.1).

I received a very good response from many forums all over the web. It was only posted a...


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Well, this is Myrkr: Show of Force (Version 1.1).

I received a very good response from many forums all over the web. It was only posted at PC Game Mods. Before I posted it anywhere else, I had to fix every little detail and release it as Version 1.1.

You won't know what this map is about at all unless you read the README file. The README file should get you excited by itself. The one hint I'll give about this map is that it is the ultimate showdown between the Galactic Empire's AT-AT's and the Rebel Alliance's new Liberator-class AT-TE's.

Make sure you read the README file as I have stated above. Many features will pass you unless you read it. You won't even know about half the stuff in the map without reading it!!

Anyways, I can't review my own map. Enjoy!!

- Majin Revan

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Made by: Majin Revan


Place MyrSF folder in GameData\AddOn folder.


Remove MyrSF from GameData\AddOn folder.


O.K., this is Myrkr: Show of Force (Version 1.1).
This is no major update. This just fixes the things that made it unbalanced.
I just fixed the Rebel's Orbital Strike, which did half the amount of damage that the Imperial's Orbital Strike did.
Also, I changed a name of a vehicle a bit.
I also fixed the very rare crash that people got when they captured the opposite faction's main CP. Only four AT-AT's or four AT-TE's had been allowed until I fixed this.
Also, I added certain camera coordinates that are used when the game ends.
I also put CGArtist in the README file for the sky file.

Some changes from Beta Version 0.75 are:

Rocket launchers now are used against infantry as well as vehicles.
Two AT-AT's and two Liberator-class AT-TE's have been removed. There are just four per side now. It stops the crashing problem.
Two Rebel Armored Speeders were added to replace the loss of two Liberator-class AT-TE's.
Two TX-130T (IFT-T)'s were added to replace the loss of two AT-AT's.
A new CP has been added to the outskirts of Myrkr City. The locals spawn here.
Mortar launchers now are used against vehicles as well as infantry.
The Imperial-class II Star Destroyer that was floating in the air has been replaced by a sky object flying one.
The distance viewing range has been reduced greatly so that the large walkers won't cause much crashing, but it may look a little bad.

This map could have never been created without L-5-R's and Saturn_V_SWBF's help.
-=RedKitten=-, thanks a lot for testing!!
General Mobo, you caused this map to be created!! You wanted a map with AT-AT's versus AT-TE's.
TK-8252 also helped a ton!! He gave me the correct names of every weapon...
The new T-21 Light Repeating Blaster that the Imperial Phase II Dark Trooper uses was created by L-5-R!!
Also, CGArtist, I used one of your skies. It is beautiful. Thanks for creating such a sky!! I love it!!
Thanks, you guys!!

This map contains some new features.Here they are:

Every weapon/vehicle name is correct, the Imperial Phase II Dark Trooper has a new weapon, the Imperial Scout Trooper and Rebel SpecForce Sniper have Orbital Strike calls.
Every soldier now has its real name. I got sick of stuff like "Rebel Marksman."
Also, there are two new vehicles for the Rebel Alliance, the Liberator-class AT-TE and the 74-Z Speederbike (Sniper Variation).
Also, as my latest version of Naboo: Encounter had, the Jedi and Sith can use Force Powers, capture bases, and use vehicles.

The following vehicles have been modified to make them more Star Wars realistic:

74-Z Speederbike and TX-130T (IFT-T).

The map takes place on Myrkr and it can be played in the GCW Era.
There are eight walkers, so slower computers may get lag...

If the Hovernaught is ever fixed, it shall make an appearance in this map. It is a beautiful vehicle, which crashes the game...

GCW Era Story- The Rebels and Imperials clash on Myrkr, a planet full of life and only inhabited by colonists.
The Myrkr Independent Colonists do not want to have their peaceful planet to be involved in the war between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire.
They will fight against both sides to keep them out!! Beware of them, they are bloodthirsty!!
The Rebel Alliance is testing two new vehicles here. One is the new Liberator-class AT-TE. The other is the 74-Z Speederbike (Sniper Variation).
This is the ultimate battle between AT-AT's and AT-TE's.

Special Thanks:

Thank you, my tester:


Thank you, for helping:

Jedi Master L-5-R
General Mobo
And Others


The radar image is a bit off. I can never get it quite right. You all must have noticed this in all of my maps...

Legal Stuff:


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