Naboo: Crisis



A revision of my earlier Naboo Crisis mod, this version now turns the mod into an actual addon map with two different modes of play. Play as the completely unchanged vanilla Royal Guards from the single player campaign when selecting Clone Wars, or play as my "completed" Royal Guards faction by selecting the Galactic Civil War. Even with the latter version, I have made an effort to keep everything as vanilla friendly as possible, so your experience will be as if this faction was actually part of the original game! 

I don't think there are any credits owed for this one, since I tried to use all default models from the base game, but apologies to anyone if I forgot something.



Extract folder NabCri to your Star Wars Battlefront\GameData\AddOn folder.

Version 2.0
-Made into addon map instead of mod
-Clone Wars mode is the default single player campaign mission, only playable for both sides
-Galactic Civil War features a complete side for the Naboo Guards, included a sniper and special class
	-Muzzle flashes are green instead of red
	-Fixed voiceovers for the Royal Guard
	-Captain Panaka as Royal Guard hero
	-Darth Maul as CIS hero
	-Added better impact effects for Gian Speeder cannons
	-Improved model quality for some of the guard weapons

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