Rancors Lair

A medium sized map set in a forest full of Rancor! How jolly, be sure to bring some Rancor treats, this one is going to be messy. Watch ou...


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A medium sized map set in a forest full of Rancor! How jolly, be sure to bring some Rancor treats, this one is going to be messy. Watch out and don't get eaten!

Review: This map is pretty cool. You start out on either side of the forest with either Taun-Tauns or speeders. It is your objective to clear through the level without getting either A. killed by the Rancors or B. killed by the enemy. There are lots of bases and the Rancors, though seemingly harmless, can provide quite a challenge to get around if you are a simple infantry man.

There are no bugs that I saw while playing. The level is in the forest with lots of trees and a ton of moving grass so I advise that if you do not have a very high end machine, to try to stray away from this map, as I experienced a slight frame-loss on my machine, and my computer is pretty high up there.

Overall, nice map, you might want to remove some of the grass and what not, but the purpose of the map overall has been brought and it's pretty fun to play! Enjoy!

*Todays Reviewer* - AndrewD (dddandrew@filesnetwork.com)

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Download 'rancors_lair.rar' (13.97MB)

RANCORS LAIR    created by MIKEMAN         E-Mail: mikeman1976@gmx.at


Just put the modx folder into the AddOn folder located in LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront\GameData\AddOn

The battle takes place in a mountain region of an unknown planet. Long ago smugglers lived in this place. To guard their base they used rancors as guardians. Many years have passed but the rancors still live in that place. In the clone wars the seperatists used the region as base and in the civil wars the rebels had the same idea.


Einfach den modx ordner in den AddOn ordner verschieben.(LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront\GameData\AddOn)

Auf einem bisher unbenannten planeten gibt es eine hochgebirgsregion die schon immer ein sehr beliebtes versteck war. 
Früher errichteten schmuggler hier eine kleine festung.
Zur bewachung setzten sie Rancors ein. Die Rancorpopulation ist auch jahrzehnte nach dem verschwinden der schmuggler immer noch sehr hoch, weshalb diese gebirgsregion allgemein nur als "RANCOR'S LAIR" bekannt ist.
Während des clonkrieges versuchten die seperatisten hier eine basis zu errichten. Im galaktischen bürgerkrieg wiederrum wurde die region von den Rebellen als versteck genutzt.

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