Ranen: Lava Fields (1.0)



So after many years, we finally have the 1.0 release of Ranen: Lava Fields. The one that I released over a decade ago was listed as a BETA, because I failed to polish it with things like an Instant Action preview video and a half-way decent minimap. I basically didn't touch that map much after that release, and like everything modding related, I left it on the shelf for nearly a decade during my hiatus. Now here I am, back again, and with a truly complete version. 

This new version keeps the same general layout of the old map, but with a more detailed terrain, more objects, vastly improved textures, and a new skybox and atmospheric effects (as seen in my recently released Ranen: Platforms 4.0). I also added some new vehicles, such as the Rebel Hovernaut and the BF2 Hovertank, as well as an Imperial AAT, and the Republic AT-XT. I also reskinned some of the vehicles I had in the old map, so the Rebels can still roll around in an IFT Fightertank and an AT-TE. There are also some new units, with Pysch0fred's Bothan Spy highlighting the Rebel faction, the Empire retaining the Imperial Officer and also getting a JKO/JKA-themed Stormtrooper Officer, the Republic getting the Clone Commander, and the CIS getting a rework of the SBD (which is typical of my old maps, but I've revised it yet again). Also, my Gamma Force side is present on the map as an unplayable ally to the Empire, and a group of Jedi likewise will aid the Republic side. With both the units and the vehicles, I tried to keep things fairly vanilla-friendly, and was actually hoping to restore cut content as much as possible, though with only partial success. I did end up creating some things that I ended up cutting out of this map, but which I hope to maybe include in future ones. 

I want to give a very special thanks to Ginev, who created the lava fields and the bridges that I used in this map. He also converted the Jedi Outcast weapon models I used and provided miscellaneous help on a bunch of other things. His time is very much appreciated! Shout out to you, my friend!



Extract folder RanLav to your Star Wars Battlefront\GameData\AddOn folder.

Version 1.0
-Completely redesigned map
-Added new vehicles and reskinned some of the older ones
-Added Jedi as local allies for Republic, and the Imperial Gamma Force as allies for the Empire
-New skins for the Rebels, plus the Bothan Spy
-Sniper rifles are spec'd to Battlefront 2 stats instead of Battlefront 1
-Added new sounds
-Added new sky and atmospheric effects
-Added Instant Action menu video
-Added minimap

-God         		because in the end, all things are his assets
-Ginev 			for the lava fields, the bridge models, converting the JK2 Weapons, and various other help throughout the process
-Pysch0fred		for the Bothan Spy, AT-XT and Hovernaut
-Vyse			for the custom sound tutorial
-Gistech/giftheck	for the PS2 SE-14 model and OOM Droid
-tirpider      		for the fixed Imperial ATAT Commander, MSH Editing Tool and the Urban Marksman model
-Sereja			for the weapon effects, which I used to help create the effects for the Imp Heavy Repeater
-Anyone I missed	if you find something of yours in here, please let me know and I will update the credits!

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