Ranen: Platforms (4.0)



So I had mistakenly thought the 2.0 version of this map which is available here was the latest version of this map, but when I downloaded it to check, I found it was not. Whether I had uploaded the 3.0 or not, I can't say, but if I did, then it was clearly lost in the Filefront shutdown. Truth be told, I may never have uploaded it in the first place! I can't remember.

In any case, I have uploaded the 3.0, which was the last version of this map I had done before hiatus, in a separate download. After finding the source files for it though, I decided I wanted to just make "a few tweaks" to fix some of the issues with the only one and make the textures and skins a bit better quality and more consistent. And so my few tweaks turned into weeks of near constant modding, which resulted in this, the 4.0 of Ranen: Platforms.

Even if it doesn't seem like the map is all that different, I had to do quite a bit. I realigned the map components from scratch, replaced the Kamino textures so the Kamino props and Bespins props would be so distinctively different from one-another, reskinned the factions, reworked the weapons, and did a host of other small things. The things I'm most proud of are the new Imperial X-Wing (see below) and the reskinned BF1 Rebel fleet trooper. Sure, it would have been easier to use the BF2 Tantive trooper model, but I just wanted to use the BF1 version instead. Also reworked the Flak launcher, and added a weapon that I believe had only been used in my test maps, but never made it to an official release: The Wave Pulser. It's basically Force Push in a gun.

Lemme know whatcha all think.



Extract folder RanPlt to your Star Wars Battlefront\GameData\AddOn folder.

Version 4.0
-Redesigned map layout with symmetrical precision
-Reskinned entire Gamme Force side, reworked existing weapons and added new ones
-Restored Rebels mostly to stock weapons, but with new skins
-Sniper rifles are spec'd to Battlefront 2 stats instead of Battlefront 1
-Added new sounds
-Added new sky and atmospheric effects
-Added revised Instant Action menu video
-Added revised minimap

-God         		because in the end, all things are his assets
-Pysch0fred		for the Bothan Spy
-Vyse			for the custom sound tutorial
-Gistech/giftheck	for the PS2 SE-14 model
-tirpider      		for fixed Imperial ATAT Commander, MSH Editing Tool, Urban Marksman
-Taiyvx			for the flak projectile
-Anyone I missed	if you find something of yours in here, please let me know and I will update the credits!

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