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Review This is a very well done map, with a few noticeable, yet minor bugs. Let me start by saying that the map offers some serious...


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Review This is a very well done map, with a few noticeable, yet minor bugs. Let me start by saying that the map offers some seriously fun gameplay, with alot of AI coming at you at once, alot of vehicles, and plenty of room for usage of the different character types, especially the sniper.

I got into the level and had to turn my texture level down to LOW because otherwise you get this extremely white glare off the surface of the terrain which becomes very annoying, but is easily fixable by doing what I just mentioned. You also will sometimes lose sight of your weapon if you enter a vehicle, but it does come back after a while. All of these bugs will be fixed in a later version, as mentioned by the developer.

If you enjoy a large enviroment with no lag, lots of opportunity for hardcore gameplay, and an excellent example of a custom map, then download this now. I promise that you won't be dissapointed.

*Todays Reviewer* - AndrewD (

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Download '' (12.35MB)

Version: Beta1.0
Made by "Rends"

The Jundland Wastes map can be played either at the Galactic Civil War era or at the Clonwar era.

Historical Background:

Galactic Civil War:	Rebel Droids escaped from the Imperials. Follow Lord Vaders order to search the planet and find the Droids.
Question Jawas like Stormtroopers do (regulary) but be aware of the Sandpeople. As Rebell find out what happened in this Planet system short time ago. We are missing friends with importand informations.

CloneWars:		 Try to keep the Old Republic in order. Unknown forces working in background against the Old Republic.

Ok i will stop my jodaism here also known as Rends english ;-) 

Installation: Copy the folder "Jun1" to your "Star Wars Battlefront/GameData/AddOn" directory.

Known bugs:
1. The landspeeder has no cockpitmodel and also no Damage icon. In fact it´s an unfinished model and drives very slowly but faster than foottroops.
2. There are a few polygon collision problems in the valley i tried to fix. But it can be happen that you fall through the rocks or you move a bit into them. A jump will bring you back on top of the rock . I will fix this problem once we can work with Softimages XSI.

Please report any bugs and tips to

Thanks to the guys who helped me to create this map:
Psychofred, Dragonum, Jawb0ne, Jaceen da Corba, Saturn_V and others.
Also:	Core for his Website and Forum at
		Guru for his board at

And special thanks to George Lucas. Without him we won´t have StarWars :-)

Enjoy, Rends

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