Rhen Var Ice Gate



This certainly is an interesting map. It takes place in a canyon which is pretty much covered with ice. I think the layout has been given quite some thought, I don't often see a map with such an interesting gameplay like this. You'll need to capture several control points throughout the map. Each side has an equally tactical advantage but one side is located on top of the hill and the other one is located below. This basically is what makes this map so interesting, one side is trying to storm down the hill and the other one is trying to storm up the hill. Several turrets have been placed to make it a little bit easier to to defend your side. There are some ancient ruines to make the map look better and the author has done a pretty good job doing that. Of course there are no vehicles, they would have trouble with the mountain area anyway so you're forced to go through the motions on foot.

Some of the bots sometimes fall off the hills and end up getting stuck somewhere between the top and the ground. Not that big of a deal though. The bots still provide a pretty good gameplay considering the layout of the map.

I think we'll be seeing this map on the servers. Why would anyone not want to play such a fine map.



             *Rhen Var: Ice Gate*

                 Version 1.1

	      created by "Astute"

-Storm Commando's 1st person view added
-minor path errors fixed

>Intro: While the ice canyons of Rhen Var are perilous, ancient beings were able 
to carve a passage through this mountainous terrain. In both the Clone wars and 
the Galactic Civil War, it has been a great tactical advantage in the battle for control 
of Rhen Var.

>Hello, I'm a new modder hoping to make many good maps for the Battlefront community. 
Rhen Var: Ice gate is a fairly balanced map with two new units to choose from, the 
Storm Commando and the Clone Assault Trooper.

>Known issues
- though rare, bots will become confused due to minor path errors.
- invisible holes in certain, nearly unreachable areas in the landscape.
- odd glitch which makes the clone assault's 1st person view to be irrelevent to his armor color(Unsolved)
- the low rez clone assault shows up with a blue cape(Unsolved)

>Installation: Simply move the RVIG2 folder into your battlefront\addon directory

Special thanks to main beta testers...

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