RLcT: SniperCity BETA 1.2

this is the second version of Sniper City, a map I made for my clan, RLcT. It consits of mainly bespin buildings and walkways, with...


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this is the second version of Sniper City, a map I made for my clan, RLcT. It consits of mainly bespin buildings and walkways, with a bunch of trees and yavin objects in the center. This is currently a beta and there are a few bugs, but none that truly effect the gameplay. All the bugs are listed in the readme. There is a secret area for you to find, which, since multiple people in my clan just wanted to play the map, I didnt really get to finish. This will be completed in the next version. There is a big platform on top of one of the buildings that holds a large ammount of modded turrets that can be used for playing king of the hill. Look forward to the next version that will add a large maze braching off of the secret area and corrections to the planning.


I really hate to upload a second file in a row without giving a proper review, but sadly, lacking Battlefront 1 (I don't even know if we have any staff members with the game, anymore), there's not a lot I can do but put this file up, review-less. I trust that anyone with Battlefront 1 will enjoy this, though, if for no other reason than that there are so few released BF1 projects. Enjoy!


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Download 'rlct_snipercity_beta_1.2.zip' (24.49MB)

RLcT_SniperCity Beta 1.2
By Novablast

Thank you for downloading RLcT sniper city
A list of instructions is below

1.  Extract 
a. If this file has a .rar extension, extract it with WinRar ( http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm ) The first on the list (WinRAR 3.71) is the one that you want (there may be a different version
b. If this file has a .zip extension, extract it with your standard zip extracter, and if you dont have one, get JustZipIt ( http://www.download.com/JustZIPit/3000-2250_4-10222609.html ) and extract it with that
c. Extractions usually involve right-clicking on the file and selecting unzip, unpack, or something of that ilk from the list provided

2. Place files
a. If your game is in the standard place (C: Program Files LucasArts Star Wars Battlefront) and you have the 1.0 version of the game, you are going to have to uninstall it, and re-install it to (C: Star Wars Battlefront)
b. Download the 1.2 patch that allows custom maps to be played in the default placement ( http://starwarsbattlefront.filefront.com/file/Star_Wars_Battlefront_Client_Patch;36174 )
c. Take the rlcs folder that you extracted and place it in (if placed in C: Star Wars Battlefront) C: Star Wars Battlefront GameData addon
	I. you will have to manually make the addon folder yourself if the path is like above.
	II. it must be spelled EXACTLY addon, no capitals or anything
d. If you downloaded the 1.2 patch, you have to put it (the rlcs folder) in C: Program Files LucasArts Star Wars Battlefront GameData addon
	I. You don't have to make an addon folder since installing the 1.2 patch gives you one from the start

Then run your game and enjoy the RLcT_SniperCity Beta 1.2

This version includes:
Many more buildings 
updaded AI planning
updated hint node placement for smarter AI
secret underground area
Platforms on the trees
modded AA turrets for playing king of the hill
fixed objects (no more floating!)
and much much more!

There is one area next to the Imperials first CP where about 2 or 3 Bots sometimes get stuck, eventually they return to battle
The secret area is in its EXTREME beta stages, and is not really anything beside an emty room with no roof... underground

Thanks to:
God My personal lord and savior
RLcT members for giving me ideas
The Battlefront team for making these AWESOME mod tools
George lucas for making this incredible star wars universe

You may not sell this, or use it as your own creation
 give me credit wherever you use it

copyright 2008
Nova Inc.

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