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That's right folks, we are back with another site exclusive! This also marks the re-arrival of our reviews which were gone for a while due...


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That's right folks, we are back with another site exclusive! This also marks the re-arrival of our reviews which were gone for a while due to me not being able to access my Battlefront due to technical difficulties :P So here is the latest map from Man Clan, of course, it's a site exclusive. Check out the review and download now!

Review: It's mid-day...the sun is shining brightly down upon you as you sneak through the tall weeds towards the city. A calm breeze rushes past your ears as you silently grip tighter on your weapon and signal for the battalion to move northwest towards the city. You can clearly see the "NO TRESPASSING" signs from here, and a shiver runs down your spine...all of a sudden...Sh-oph! A laser blast flies past your head...you jump, and run, duck, and get behind a rock as your group pushes forward into the gates of the city. The battle begins! There is laser fire and grenade explosions going off everywhere, it's complete chaos!

This is about what it's like to play this map, at least from my experience. I review this baby this afternoon and I must say that it's one of the best maps I have played for battlefront yet. This map gives you a feeling of "satisfaction", unlike that in Man-Clan's first map. The city seems so calm and vast when you enter the gates, that is, until the explosions start ;)

The map team has used many custom textures and models to make the city a signature map in the community. You will also see some authentic posters from the first Star Wars Movies, and...ironically, a few babe pictures as well :)

The usage of AI coding in this map is superb. All the AI work very well within the city and not once did I see a computer run into a wall. That's a very pleasing thing to say, because that means I guarentee that you will have a good battle, even on easy :D

The city was well thought out and the usage of buildings makes the city different around every corner. Trust me when I say this, you WILL NOT be dissapointed. Download this map right now and see for yourself!

*Todays Reviewer* - AndrewD (dddandrew@filesnetwork.com)

Note: Star Wars Battlefront Files and Man Clan must ask that no competitor or other mirror site host this file, as it has been asked to be endorsed and mirrored by Star Wars Battlefront Files ONLY. We thankyou for your cooperation!

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Download 'man_clan_ep2_man_city.rar' (12.15MB)

Man Clan Ep2: Man City
Version: Beta 0.5
Idea: Rube
Made by: Man Clan Member Rube

The Man City map can be played with the Galactic Civil War era only.


In their evil doings for the Empire the Man Clan has been holding and selling Ewoks as slaves to all the scum in the galaxy. The Rebel Alliance needs to storm Man City and take over all the command points to set the Ewoks free.


Boxes are good for hiding and getting the jump on enemies. Also can help provide cover. Some boxes may even get you to elevations where you could hit a Ewok or two with your blaster or throw a grenade over the jail fence.

There is invisible collision in place on the map. This was done for game play purposes and the limitation of the editor and technology in Battlefront.

Try to find all the new posters in Man City.


Copy the folder MCM1 to your Star Wars Battlefront/GameData/AddOn directory.

Special Thanks:
Thanks to all the people in the community who downloaded and commented on the first Man Clan map. We hope you enjoy playing through Man City and we are hard at work on the next episode in the Man Clan series.

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