Star Wars Battlefront Map-Pack

swbattlefrontmappack3.zip —


This is the 3rd map-pack from GameToast.com. This includes the top rated maps from the community. Download now and enjoy! See you on the Battlefront :)



Description: 10 Map Release - SWBattlefront Map Pack3

3rd featured release mappack of these fine maps from various creators , found at Gametoast.com :

Kashyyyk: Wookieland (1.0) "kas6" 9.1 

Kashyyyk Plains (1.2 Final) "epI1" 8.9 

Naboo : Encounter (2.0) "Nab3" 9.0 

Naboo : The Phantom Menace (1.0) "NPM" 9.1 

Rancors Lair "modx" 8.9 

Ratooine Map (1.1) 7.5 

Sandcrawler's Mountain Wars (1.0) 7.3 

Sandcrawler's Maze Battle (1.1) 7.4 

TAW City (1.0) 7.6 

TAW Pinx Scrim Map (0.5) 7.0 

Instructions are in the pack for easy installation/Uninstall. 
If you have questions email [email protected]

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