Star Wars: Battlefront Modding Tools



Thats right folks, here is your big Christmas present from LucasArts! They have release "unsupported" mod tools. This means that they are not liable for technical support or questions, and therefore, do not have to anwser any that you may present.

Whatever the case may be, download them now and get modding! Don't forget that for all your file submissions, you should email me or the files mail. We guarentee that we will get your files up, since we are currently the largest and best resource for Star Wars Battlefront Files and more!

Download now and enjoy, and see you on a whole new battlefront! Merry Christmas!



We have posted Star Wars Battlefront Mod Tools. This is a hefty download but we hope everyone who is interested in making mods for Star Wars Battlefront will enjoy it.

Do note, these are unofficial and technical support will not be provided for these tools. 

Also, please make sure to read the README prior to using the tools as it contains important info about using the tools. Some important things in there are:

- The default install folder for this toolkit is C:\LucasArts\BFBuilder and changing this path may disrupt the functionality.

- Installing the BFBuilder directory in a directory path that contains spaces (such as 'Program Files') will break the compile process, for this reason no folder in the mod tools path can contain spaces.

Lastly, we highly recommend posting your files on www.lucasfiles.com. This will make things easier for everyone trying to find the latest and greatest mod for Star Wars Battlefront. 

We hope you enjoy this new addition for Star Wars Battlefront Community and we look forward to all your comments

The Star Wars Battlefront Team 
Note that the readme is enclosed with-in the ZIP file!

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