SWBF Jedi Mod Killable Jedi

189226-177145-SWBF Jedi Mod Killable Jedi.zip



You can play as the hero class on any map and mode. This version makes the heroes killlable. Lightsaber deflection is still turned on, so the only way to kill heroes is with explosives, vehicles, and splash damage. 

NPCs are unable to pick the hero class, however, there will be an enemy hero NPC and 1 other friendly hero NPC if you activate instant action heroes in the options menu. 

If you are playing with the Jedi bonus in story mode or galactic assault, there will be an NPC hero for whatever team the bonus is activated for. 


The unit count was increased to 40 units per team and the reinforcement count was increased to 350 for longer battles. 

You can now switch teams in the story mode. Both teams have a hero you can pick. 

The AI difficulty was increased for the player team and enemy team on hard mode. 

Lightsaber Colors were improved and are no longer washed out.

Vehicle health was increased significantly due to the large amount of troopers 

Darthmaul was added to the Naboo story missions 


Copy and paste the Mission.lvl file into your GameData/Data/LVL_PC folder.

Copy and paste the core.lvl file into your GameData/Data/LVL_PC folder.

Copy and paste each side file (ALL.lvl, CIS.lvl, IMP.lvl, REP.lvl) into your GameData/Data/LVL_PC/SIDE folder.

Copy and paste the Mission.lvl from the JABBAS PALACE MISSION.LVL folder into your GameData/AddOn/Tat3/_lvl_pc folder.



2 years ago

Allows heroes to be killable via explosives, vehicles, and splash damage as they still have lightsaber deflection. Heroes can also capture command posts