SWBF Unleashed



their entirety in the readme below.It seems fairly standard, although well constructed and polished, as far as side mods go, with a couple exceptions. One, it's designed to work alongside the stock sides, which makes uninstallation and/or comparison (between sides) easy. The author claims that this is "100% online-compatible," although I'm a little skeptical given the fact that it changes core.lvl and mission.lvl. I would have thought that at least a size check would be run against these for online, but presumably the author has tested this and has different information.The other notable change is that the author has included a couple extra missions that are more objective-oriented (what he calls his "hunt" modes - not 100% the same as SWBF2 hunt). They're listed, too, in the readme below.All in all, it's a pretty decent mod. Nothing too crazy or out of the ordinary, but a solid retouch of original sides. Go ahead and give it a try.-Mav


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