SWBF v1.0 Custom Map Comaptiblity

This patch should allow you to play custom (aka Downloaded maps) on the unupdated StarWars Battlefront v1.0.


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This patch should allow you to play custom (aka Downloaded maps) on the unupdated StarWars Battlefront v1.0.

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Download 'swbfv1_0_custom_comaptiblity_with_visual_walkthru.zip' (4.21MB)

This patch  made by Foudre Bleue


1. How to:
Step 1) First thing, is that you will need to unistall starwars battlefront, if you wish to keep your save games, and profiles go and copy the folder starwars battlefront\Gamedata\SaveGames   copy it to like your desktop or some thing. Then goto mycomputer, add/remove programs, select starwars battlefront, tell it that you do want to remove it, and not to keep for saves and settings. 

Step 2) Now to reinstall starwars battlefront, you will need to go through like normal, untill you see the choices, of normal install (or something close to that) and custom install -- choose custom -- it should then ask you the location you want to install starwars battlefront to, (THIS IS WHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO CHANGE) the location you will want to install to should be C:\starwars battlefront  (you may replace C with any drive, the main thing is that it is install to that folder right off the main tier of the drive), then simply tell it yes to every thing else, and let it finish installing

Step 2)	its pretty straight foward, simply copy the starwars battlefront folder in the zip you downloaded, over your current one, when it prompts you if you want to over write stuff, tell it yes. 
2. using it:
	now, when ever you get a custom map, simply add the its folder in the AddOn folder (the AddOn folder, should now appear, within the following path "Star Wars Battlefront\GameData\AddOn")
	NOTE: if you ever get a map folder with a name anything other then 4 charectors long it will cause an error, and force you to close bf, as well as some random maps still won't work, however the majority of maps will.

	thus allowing the best of both worlds

	NOTE: the more maps you add, the longer the loading time when you starting BF will take

	NOTE: the first time I attempted this, it allowed me to play Jabba Palace, but for some reason, with this patch, it won't let you (at least it won't me, though not sure why), my only thought is with out some deap searching, in this patch i didn't include the updated video and sound .lvl s from in the shell folder. I didn't include them because thier size with the video at 800mg and the sound at 100 mg, I figured they would defeat the point of this patch.

As far as a legal aggreement, i don't care what you do with it, I made it to be distributed, I only ask that you don't take credit for it yourself and you don't alter this read_me.txt. If you can fix the few bugs in it, please do so, and contact me at erallismark@gmail.com. or if any one has any questions, or any problems with this patch you can contact me at the before mentioned email address.

Have fun meng, and if you wine to me on that you can't figure this out, I'll explain it with capital letters and causing at you.

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