Tatooine: Gulch

This is a custom mod map for SWBF1. It actually features two map folders; one containing the default sides, and the other allowing you to pl...


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This is a custom mod map for SWBF1. It actually features two map folders; one containing the default sides, and the other allowing you to play as the native Tusken Raiders. The map features a playable custom Tusken Raiders faction, and an MTT and Episode 1 roster for the CIS. It is playable in both Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War eras. Please read the ReadMe for installation instructions, as it is not quite as simple as most mod maps.

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Download 'TatRiver.zip' (27.46MB)

About This Version (1.0.0)

Version: 1.0.0

Released: 12th May 2019 7:42am

Welcome and thank you for downloading "TATOOINE: GULCH"!
This file is a custom mod map for Star Wars: Battlefront 1.


1. Download the file.
2. Go to your downloads folder and extract the files. Leave them in your downloads folder!!!
3. Open the Folder and select either of the two folders within. Depending on which one you select, in the GCW era you will play as 
either the Tusken Raiders or the Rebel Alliance. There is no difference in the Clone Wars.
4. Inside those folders you will find the TatRiver folder. Copy this folder to your Addon Folder. You can switch them out at any time
to play the other GCW faction.
5. Play!


Clone Wars:

The Republic has discovered something miraculous on Tatooine: a source of fresh water! With operations on Tatooine
grinding to a standstill largely due to a lack of water for their troops, the Republic has deployed a sizable
legion to take control of this water source. The CIS has received intelligence of the Republic's upcoming offensive
and objective in this region, but are not quite convinced that this water source actually exists. Unwilling to
spare the resources, the CIS has only deployed a single MTT accompanied by a company of B1 Battledroids. Unfortunately
for both warring parties, the supposed water source is located in one giant sniper's nest in a gulch, deep in Tusken
Raider territory. Both armies will have to fight through the Sand People as well as each other if they wish to lay claim
to this area's resources.

Galactic Civil War:

The search continues for Princess Leia's missing droids. Due to the droid's crashed pod's location in Tusken territory,
the Empire has fielded a task force to scour a nearby gulch and Tusken Raider settlements for the droids. In response, the Rebels
have deployed what troops they can in the area as well, knowing what the Empire is seeking. The Tusken Raiders will not likely
take well to this incursion, and are likely to respond with force!

All work contained within this file are stock assets provided by Lucasarts and Pandemic. I have used no custom 
content from any other modder.

Special thanks go to:
Phobos, for helping me with the LVL modding that causes the different starting positions depending on era.

TheGanstarTY and Commander Awesome, for helping test the map and work out all the kinks!

------Use of this Content-------
Use of anything contained in this file is welcome to be adjusted or otherwise altered by anyone who 
wants to, so long as I receive credit for any said works.

--------Known Issues--------
The AT-TE and AT-AT are both missing their firing sounds. The MTT is missing all of its sounds. I cannot get these to work,
but if you know a solution please let me know!

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