Tatooine: Jundland Wastes

The latest version of Rends Jundland Waste map. This map is very large and offers plenty of vehicles for a great battle. The map has been...


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The latest version of Rends Jundland Waste map. This map is very large and offers plenty of vehicles for a great battle. The map has been greatly improved since it's first version, and feels very much like a real map from the developers. Download it now and see for yourself!

Review: Lots of maps today eh? Sorry if some of them are late, we have been having a few problems with the uploader lately.

Anyways, this map is the second version of Rends Jundland Waste Map. The map itself has been improved greatly, and now offers a slew of new features, buildings, and battle places. The map itself consists of six capturable bases, and lot's of reinforcements.

The only thing that I can really recommend for this map is more speeders. It's hard to get around the map when you only have 1 or 2 speeders per team and nearly 20 eager teamates. Having more of those would be great. Just a suggestion though! The map is great and I definently suggest adding this to your collection. Enjoy!

*Todays Reviewer* - AndrewD (dddandrew@filesnetwork.com)

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Version: Beta2.5
Made by "Rends"

The Jundland Wastes map can be played either at the Galactic Civil War era or at the Clonwar era.

Historical Background:

Galactic Civil War:	Rebel Droids escaped from the Imperials. Follow Lord Vaders order to search the planet and find the Droids.
Question Jawas like Stormtroopers do (regulary) but be aware of the Sandpeople. As Rebell find out what happened in this Planet system short time ago. We are missing friends with importand informations.

CloneWars:		 Try to keep the Old Republic in order. Unknown forces working in background against the Old Republic.

Ok i will stop my jodaism here also known as Rends english ;-) 

Installation: Copy the folder "Jun1" to your "Star Wars Battlefront/GameData/AddOn" directory.

Changes since Beta1.0:
Texturebug on some Graficboards fixed
Boundaries near cliffs removed.
1 more Vehicle for each fraction and era.
Anchorhead shows up now in the background of the Tosche Station.
Regular Droidsoldier added.
Improved AI behavior

Known bugs:
1. The landspeeder has no real cockpitmodel 
2. There are a few polygon collision problems in the valley and Owens courtyard i tried to fix. But it can be happen that you fall through the rocks or you move a bit into them. A jump will bring you back on top of the rock . I will fix this problem once we can work with Softimages XSI.

Please report any bugs and tips to Santarossa@web.de

Thanks to the guys who helped me to create this map:
Psychofred, Dragonum, Jawb0ne, Jaceen da Corba, Saturn_V and others.
Also:	Core for his Website and Forum at www.starwars-battlefront.de
		Guru for his board at www.gametoast.com

And special thanks to George Lucas. Without him we won´t have StarWars :-)

Enjoy, Rends

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