Tatooine: Mos Anek 2.0

This is a custom mod map for SWBF1. It features a playable Tusken team as well as an additional custom unit for their roster. It takes place...


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File Description

This is a custom mod map for SWBF1. It features a playable Tusken team as well as an additional custom unit for their roster. It takes place on the planet of Tatooine and is available in both the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War eras.

Oh, and don't ask about the renamed Cantina >_>

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Download 'Ex1_V2.zip' (7.93MB)

About This Version (2.0)

Version: 2.0

Released: 11th May 2019 7:12am

Welcome and thank you for downloading "TATOOINE: MOS ANEK" Version 2.0!
This file is a custom mod map for Star Wars: Battlefront 1.


1. Download the file.
2. Go to your downloads folder and extract the files and put them into your Lucasarts/Star Wars Battlefront/GameData/AddOn folder.
3. Play!

---What's New in Version 2?---

Version 2.0 features the following:
1. Additional planning for the AI.
2. Improved hintnodes (AI will use them more often now,) and more plentiful hintnodes.
3. A new Tusken Unit: The "Tusken Shaman."
4. Re-colored ground so it looks better with the buildings.
5. Spawn point adjustment at the CP's. You might find yourself spawning on a building now!
6. Adjusted reinforcements for the sake of balance.
7. More Health and Ammo droids sprinkled throughout the map.
8. Additional aesthetic appeal.
9. The deranged Imperial Comm Officer has finally realized that Darth Vader is not present on this battlefield.
10. The number of units in a class that spawn have been adjusted for the sake balance.
11. Luke Skywalker is now killable, in the name of balance.
12. An error with the Tuskens that caused them to slide has been fixed.


Clone Wars:

The CIS holds the city of Mos Anek on Tatooine. 
It's strategic location on Tatooine (whatever strategic value Tatooine itself has,) is 
essential for Republic military efforts, and as such the Republic has grouped an army on 
the outskirts of the city in order to retake it. The fate of Tatooine is in your hands; will you defend the 
city for the CIS, or fight with the Republic to secure this territory?

Galactic Civil War:

The Rebel Alliance has won a decisive victory over the Galactic Empire on Tatooine at the city of Mos Anek.
However, a beleaguered Rebel army is a prime raiding target for the Tusken Raiders. A massive Tusken army 
has been manifesting outside the city. Unable to muster the numbers to take the fight to the Sand 
People directly, the Rebels await them behind the city walls...


All work contained within this file are stock assets provided by Lucasarts and Pandemic. I have used no custom 
content from any other modder.

Special thanks go to:
Phobos, for helping me get the Gaffi Stick to work.
TheGangstarTY, for helping me get the new map balanced and testing it for me.
The rest of the SWBFgamers community for helping me become a better modder!

Apologies to:
Phobos, for not using a custom animation for the Gaffi Stick as suggested (my computer refuses to let me use the program
for editing the animations. This is beyond my control I'm afraid...)

-------Use of this Content-------
Use of anything contained in this file is welcome to be adjusted or otherwise altered by anyone who 
wants to, so long as I receive credit for any said works.

--------Known Issues--------
None that I'm aware of. If you find any please make it known!

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