Theta Squad - Objective One: Kashyyyk

Technically this isn't a custom map since it uses Kashyyyk: Docks, but this shows up on the Instant Action list as its own map so you won't...


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Technically this isn't a custom map since it uses Kashyyyk: Docks, but this shows up on the Instant Action list as its own map so you won't have to worry about it replacing the stock version.

Anyway, Theta Squad: Objective One follows five Imperial Commandos as they hunt down escaped Wookiee slaves. In the Clone Wars era the commandos have five or so tickets while the Wookiees have twenty. You have to cut down the Wookiees before your entire squad is eliminated. It's an interesting way to sort of set up a campaign-type map for SWBF1, but this is really intended for multiplayer -- I can imagine it being enjoyable online.

In the GCW era the unit setup is the same except it's more like traditional Conquest, with normal ticket counts (with Wookiees still outnumbering commandos, however, for balance purposes).

There are some interesting little features to the map, such as a blood particle effect that's triggered each time your character is hit and a dirt particle effect that's triggered when your shots hit the ground. I did not get to try out all of the commandos' weapons or the Wookiee's powers (the Wookiee priest can use healing among other things) but there's a lot to play around with.

All of the bugs I noticed have been addressed in the ReadMe, and it's basically something you'll have to live with. Otherwise this is a pretty decent and unique "custom map" that's sure to be fun online. The file size is fairly small and it won't replace the stock map so I encourage you BF1 veterans to give it a try.


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NOTE: This was first released in July of 08.

A mod by Breakdown

Theta squad is the elite squad of Imperial Commando's.
Each was trained and nourished in seperate cloning facilities. 
They were trained by flash simulations, and against scavenged droids. 
Each commando is trained to use any weapon made by Imperial Manufacturers, and could easily learn to use primitive, pirate, or Rebellion weapons.
Their members are;

BD 5700 ("Captain")
TL 8987 ("Blood")
YX 0047 ("Blade")
OM 3710 ("Ten")
KR 1215 ("Dash)

Each commando has it's story.
But the the whole squad has objectives.

Objective Number One:
Kashyyyk Docks
Kill the escaped Wookiee slaves! Show no mercy and make the Emperor proud.
Each member of the squad is on the field, and only one. So there won't be doubles of certain members.
Make decisions wisely, and plan the objective shown on the Spawn screen carefully. Choose your unit well, as it will be the one you use the whole time.

Thank you for downloading Theta Squad: Objective One! Here I will explain bugs, and list the people that helped out or had their assets used in this map.
To install, place the folder theta0 in your AddOn folder.

- the low res geometry seems to show up anywhere you go, so the units look disorted and you can’t see the weapon they are holding, which is a low blow and quite annoying.
- On the stats screen the unit names are incorrect, sorry but I do not know how to fix that.
- GCW Era is now a normal battle mode, for you gamers that would like more tickets or a better online experience.
- IMPORTANT: HEROES CRASH THE GAME! It is something I accidentally left in this version, I tried to fix, but I just couldn't for some reason. :(
- If there are enough complaints, suggestions, and bug reports, I will make yet another version
- This should work in Multiplayer, after all, it was the whole point :P
- The “Smite” weapon can be hard to operate, you must look straight at the ground and make sure a little gray ball sticks to the ground. That is where the smite will strike, otherwise, the ball goes haywire and usually ends up halfway across the map.
- The grey stuff that comes up when you shoot at terrain is dirt.

Majiin Revan – The model for the Imperial Commando
Vyse – Vibrosword model
Face (-_-, Skyhawk) – The original flamethrower odf, I eventually modified it though.

Thank You
Jedikiller – he helped me find assets needed and always gave help if I had a problem
PoRCH WooKIE – helped me with effects, and without him I would not be modding today
MXG – Thank you to everyone there for giving me great ideas for this mod and letting me display all progress on the forums. You guys rock!

Legal Stuff


By Breakdown
© 2008

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