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This is a fun to mess around with mod... changes rebel vanguard to a flamethrower trooper, wookie to bothan spy, and dark trooper to imperia...


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This is a fun to mess around with mod... changes rebel vanguard to a flamethrower trooper, wookie to bothan spy, and dark trooper to imperial officer (with probe droid)

Teh flamethrower is a lil hot... when it shoots the flame stays where ever it landed and will hurt whatever touches it... and stick to any player who walks on it... kinda neat to create "flame walls" with it :P

bothan spy is the one from Majin's maps, nothing special there

The imp officer, however, has pistol, orbital strike, h/a dispenser, and a probe droid. The probe droid is a big recon droid with a bigger laser and more hp, plus longer life (no auto-life drain)

Really neat, was made back in october, and as a big note, it's for SWBF 1, not 2.

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Download '' (70.49MB)

--Galctic Civil War Side mod--

Unzip this to C:/program files/lucasarts/star wars battlefront/gamedata/data/_lvl_pc/sides.
Remember to Backup by renaming or moving the files this replaces, or youll have to reinstall!
You cannot play multiplayer in glactic civil war (but you can in clone wars) with people that do not have this mod.

I finished this waaaay back in the begining of october but didn't post it because of its large size. fortunatly for you, I am posting it now.

The changes:

	Darktrooper replaced by Imperial Officer with pistol, air strike binoculars, health/ammo dispenser and probe droid.

	Wookie Smuggler replaced by Rebel Spy with seeker-bullet gun, grappeling hook, disguise kit, and remote bombs(press reload to detonate).

	Pilots have turrets instead of health/ammo dispensers, and the rebel pilot has a different looking fusioncutter.

	Rebel Vanguard has a flamethrower except on snow levels.

	Darth Vader and luke have force powers.

To remove delete all.lvl and imp.lvl from C:/program files/lucasarts/star wars battlefront/gamedata/data/_lvl_pc/sides and replace them with the originals you didnt delete.(if you did delete them you'll have to reinstall the game)

Known Issues:	1. no sound for the rebel spy's remote bombs, i think because sound is in the level files not the team files(but i cant remember since i made this in september)
		2. sometimes the imperial officer's binoc's will be invisible.

Most of this couldnt have been done without Psych0Fred, thanks.

Email: erik_k_3(at)hotmail(dot)com

Legal Disclaimer
I am not responsible for what this does to your computer or software.(it probably wont do anything) and i am not associated with lucasarts or pandemic.

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