Woods: Search and Destroy

Woods: Search and Destroy, by BHF_Breakdown, is an attempt at creating a "Search and Destroy" game mode. The Empire and Rebels each have a s...


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Woods: Search and Destroy, by BHF_Breakdown, is an attempt at creating a "Search and Destroy" game mode. The Empire and Rebels each have a supply of cargo that you must destroy in order to win.

Unfortunately, due to Battlefront's limitations it doesn't work out so well. The cargo serves as the base CP for each side, and in the center is a neutral command post. In addition to that there are more units on the field than you'd expect in a "Search & Destroy" type of map. Because of this the map still feels like Conquest mode. If this were BF2 the author undoubtedly could have been more successful thanks to campaign scripting and the ability to actually create your own game mode.

The gameplay itself is alright. It's your standard shoot'm up. My problem with it though is that this is a medium-sized map and you can only spawn from 1-2 places so there's a bit of walking involved. My suggestion would have been to create multiple cargo supplies, which also serve as spawn points. This way you can keep the map more in line with the "Search & Destroy" theme but the player still has a selection of places to spawn. Another aspect of the gameplay that I didn't particularly care for was that each team was limited to two unit choices. I know that each one has a large selection of weapons to use, but I just wonder why not divide them into a couple more units? I dunno, I just find it sort of weird for a unit to have two main weapons like a blaster rifle and a sniper rifle.

The map design is alright as well. It's basically a cross between Endor and Yavin IV. The map could probably stand to bare a lot more objects to fill things in. Despite having a couple of trees some areas are still a little empty. The elevation in some parts is also a little rough, and would benefit from the blending tool to smooth things out and make it look more natural. Another thing I noticed was that there wasn't much variety to the terrain. It's most evident when you look at hills in the distance and see that unappealing tile-like pattern. All you have to do to fix this problem is to load a few more terrain textures (ideally grass textures so that nothing looks out of place) into ZE and paint over the existing texture in some areas. This should make it look more natural and varied, and it should get rid of that icky pattern.

As for bugs, all of the ones I noticed were mentioned in the ReadMe. The sun problem probably means that you're missing some .odf or .msh files in your world folder that fill it in, so check your sky file to make sure that you aren't missing anything.

In conclusion, this is an okay map that tries to do something different but cannot really achieve that goal due to the game's limitations. I think with a lot more work it could turn out great, though. It is a beta after all.


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Download 'searchanddestroybeta.zip' (27.75MB)

Woods: Search and Destroy Beta

Thanks for downloading Woods: Search and Destroy Beta! 

To install: place wsad1 in your AddOn folder.

This map was made as a experiment to try and create a new "game mode" for SWBF.
OF course, it isn't true to usual Search and Destroys found in games, rather
it is my own twist on it.

Travel through the woods, find the enemies cargo and destroy!

I had to add a neutral CP, which sort of ruins the SnD aspect in a way,
but without it, in SP everytime I destroyed the cargo it would crash..so it was my only choice 

Each team has two units with the same weapons: 

Defense Soldier

Sniper Rifle
Fusion Cutter (to heal cargo)
Mines (to protect the cargo)

Demolitions Soldier (to destroy the cargo)

Rocket Launcher
Mortar Launcher
Thermal Detonators
Time Bombs


- There is a big black box in the sky where the sun is..no idea
how to fix it, doesn't affect gameplay much so I probably won't fix

- The ground texture loos pixelated

- The AI isn't very intelligent. (They never are anyway)

Things to include in next release:


If you have any bug reports or comments,
post on www.mpcgamers.com/forums and find the topic in Mod Factory
or leave a comment on SWBFFiles

I hope you enjoy!

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