Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption Map Editor

Contained in this file is the Forces of Corruption Map Editor, A Set of the Source Files, FXfiles, Max2Alo (3dsMax6) Converter and 4 Tutoria...


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Contained in this file is the Forces of Corruption Map Editor, A Set of the Source Files, FXfiles, Max2Alo (3dsMax6) Converter and 4 Tutorial Documents:

* Ground Tutorial: This tutorial shall help you to create ground maps with 10 simple steps for Star Wars: Empire at War – Forces of Corruption * Space Tutorial: This small Tutorial shall help you to create SpaceMaps for Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. You will learn to do maps in 12 simple steps: * A General Map Editor Walkthrough. * Tutorial into the Story Mode and Tutorial Scripting System

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Download 'FOCMapEditor.msi' (14.2MB)

LucasArts and Petroglyph are providing these tools and assets for your enjoyment; no end user support of any kind is provided or implied. Technical Support staff will not be able to offer assistance with these tools or assets, or in situations that may arise from use of new or modified assets generated with these tools.  For more information regarding the use of this software please read the End User License Agreement.

In addition to the map editor tool, the following components are also provided in this distribution. Note that the game must be patched to at least version 1.04 to make use of these components.

Max2Alamo plug-in for 3D Studio Max Version 6

This allows the export of models created in 3DS Max 6 to the Alamo file format understood by Petroglyph’s game engine. The Max2Alamo plug-in is installed into a folder called GameData\MaxPlugin under the main game installation folder. To use the plug-in with Max, copy the max2alamo.dle file into your Max plugins folder.

A set of fx files for use with the Max2Alamo plugin

These can be found under GameData\Mods\Source\Data\Art\Shaders. These are the same fx files used in the game and can be applied to models exported with the Max2Alamo plug-in.

A reference set of XML and LUA source files

These can be found in the following locations

It is recommended that mods be created using new files or copies of these files, leaving the original files intact as a reference.

A small sample mod, to show how mods may be invoked in the game

GameData\Mods\StevesEwokMod is a small example mod that makes Ewoks huge and virtually indestructible.

To invoke this mod, use the MODPATH= command line option when running the game. An example of its use is provided in the batch file PlayStevesEwokMod.bat in the GameData folder.

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