Tower Defense (custom scenario for Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds)

32 BBY. Naboo. The Trade Federation has occupied the countryside surrounding Theed, the capital city of Naboo. A signal jammer in Theed is t...


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32 BBY. Naboo. The Trade Federation has occupied the countryside surrounding Theed, the capital city of Naboo. A signal jammer in Theed is the only obstacle that prevents the Federation's droid starfighters and transports from approaching.

Queen Amidala has expressed her concerns about the huge number of the Trade Federation aircrafts which is much larger than needed to deal with all Naboo military. The Queen fears that extermination is what the Federation might intend to do. She has shared her concerns with a security forces captain – Captain Panaka.

The least protected way to reach Theed lies through a canyon called the Death Path. Anti-air turrets from both sides of the canyon leave only a straight narrow line in the middle to fly.

Captain Panaka has come with the idea to lure the nearest aircrafts of the Trade Federation fleet by disabling the signal jammer just for a moment and then enabling it again. This should make all nearby enemy aircrafts immediately enter the canyon to reach the city. By destroying the closest patrols of the Trade Federation, the enemy will not have enough forces to annihilate the people of Theed should they desire. Moreover, the occupation of Theed can be delayed long enough to let many citizens escape before the inevitable comes.

Can Captain Panaka build enough anti-air defenses to destroy all incoming droid aircrafts?

How to install

Download, unzip the archive, copy the content of the folder Tower Defense to ...\Star Wars - Galactic Battlegrounds\Game


The Easy difficulty gives you 2 turrets on start. On the Moderate difficulty you get 1 turret on start. You get no turrets on start if you play on the Hard difficulty.

Prepare all necessary anti-air defenses.

Bring Captain Panaka to the Theed command center to disable the signal jammer in order to lure the closest aircrafts of the Trade Federation and thus weaken the hostile forces.

Don't let enemy aircrafts reach Theed.


Attention: Save after each wave! The game can randomly crash on start of each wave starting with wave 2.

You can build anti-air turrets and fortresses. Fortresses deal more damage than basic anti-air turrets. Additionally, you can research turret upgrades and recruit missile troopers.

Note: Workers should build only turrets and fortresses. Building a farm, a command center, a shield generator is possible but useless. The game just does not allow disabling the 3 buildings.

Theed will lose if the Trade Federation gets to the Theed arch.

Each of the 5 interactable buildings in Theed (the war center, the research center, the troop center, the mech factory and the command center) is surrounded by grass and marked by 2 Theed flags.


  1. Increased range and damage – select the war center (to the right from the Palace) when you have 300 Ore and 200 Carbon.
  2. Advanced Turrets – select the research center (to the right from the war center) when you have 500 Ore and 200 Carbon.


  1. Missile Trooper – select the troop center (to the right from the fortress) when you have 35 Ore and 35 Carbon.
  2. Heavy Missile Trooper – select the mech factory (to the left from the Palace) when you have 60 Ore and 50 Carbon.

If you cannot win and ready to cheat

The Reconnaissance tab contains information about debug triggers that will help you to win.


  • John Rambo – for playtesting and suggestions in 2012 (and the scenario file you sent me back still crashes on opening);
  • Immobile Taunt AI.


Email: [email protected]

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