Star Wars: The Old Republic - Return of the Player?

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Published by Digz 3 months ago

I was looking through the list of games I have and re-logged in to Star Wars: The Old Republic. I subscribed to the game for about four months when the game first came out all those years ago. I created a Jedi Sentinel, I now wish I made a Jedi Guardian instead but nevermind, I then created a Gunslinger. The PvP mechanics were good, I used to love Warzones but hated Huttball and the storyline was just pure genius. It's not all about Jedi vs Sith though, you can make a Republic Soldier or a Han Solo-esque scoundrel like I did, or make a Bounty Hunter with the skill or dexterity as Cad Bane!

Each class has its own unique storyline, you also have options to pick so you choose your own path in the galaxy and forge your destiny to best suit your play style or personal character. Some even take it to a great extreme and really get into the lore and the role of their character and stick to that in their story mode creating a real authentic Star Wars experience. 

The game has also changed from a subscriber model only to a free to play or subscriber model. So you can play the game for free and enjoy the game as you would normally such as questing, storyline, basic PvP and group flashpoints but there are limits with the free to play. You also have to purchase the expansion packs if you are solely free to play. However, Bioware have brought out a great strategy in getting people to return to the game, if you're not aware the game had quite a drop in player count and had to reduce the amount of servers and whatnot to ensure players can group together effectively and provide an effective MMO experience.

What's the strategy I hear you ask? Well, if you subscribe for just one month, that's around £10 you can get access to all of the expansion packs released to date forever, yes you read it forever! So for around £10 or $15 USD you can get all those expansion packs released which are about £15 each for some of them. What a great deal, and great strategy to get people back to the game! As I mentioned before the storyline continues in the expansion packs and gives a greater depth to gameplay and character development with the new storylines to explore.  

I was scouring YouTube and found a brilliant channel by Swtorista focusing on the game and a great video which reinforced my thinking and post as to why you should return to The Old Republic this year or even create an account and start playing! Even if you're not an MMO player focus on the storyline and move on from there, the levelling has been made easier where you don't have to grind at all.  

So if you're just as annoyed as I am about EA cancelling one of  their Star Wars games for this year and feel we won't get a decent Star Wars game for some time, don't worry we have one already that people aren't exploring! 

Check out the video below by Swtorista , download or update the game and play one of the best Star Wars games created and still supported today!

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