Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance v2.02 Patch



The latest official patch for Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance.



2.02 Update (previously the 2.01 update)

Platform: PC

Format: CD-ROM

Size: 3.03 MB

Min. Requirements: English and International versions of the game are supported by the 2.02 update.

Posted: 6/99

Installation: To install the update after downloading, simply double-click the update program "xwaupd202.exe" and follow the on-screen instructions. The setup program should automatically locate where X-Wing Alliance was installed and update those files.

This update has replaced the 2.01 update that was previously available and it is highly recommended that all users using the 2.01 update upgrade to the 2.02 version.

Corrects: This update includes further enhancements to 3D sound support and is compatible with all foreign language versions. The xwaupd202.exe update includes the following features and fixes:



Press [Shift]+[F] in flight to begin recording a film. When you wish to stop recording, press [Shift]+[F] again. Quitting or restarting a mission will also stop recording.

When the recording stops, you will be given the opportunity to save your film, or cancel the process entirely. To save your film, name it using the dialog window that pops up, then press [Enter]. Pressing [Escape] will cancel the save. If you choose not to save the film when prompted to do so, it will be lost.

To watch a film, use the film room door in the lower-right corner of the Concourse (or the button in the Combat Simulator, before the Concourse becomes available. Select the film you wish to watch from the list, and either double-click on it or click the Load icon with the film highlighted. Once the film is loaded, it will, by default, show everything happening in the mission from the point of view in which you originally experienced it. This default mode is called Follow Mode. Free Mode lets you move your camera around, position it behind other craft, or track a ship’s flight.


[R]	Restart Film	Rewinds film to beginning.
[P]	Play Film	Plays film if it is stopped.
[S]	Stop/Step Frame	If film is playing, stops it. If stopped, advances one frame.
[F]	Fast Forward	Plays film quickly.
[Q]	Quit	Takes you back to film selection.
[Ctrl]+[End]	HUD	Displays HUDs as they were during recording.
[/]	Toggle Mode	Toggles between Free Mode and Follow Mode
[C]	Drop Camera	Releases camera from whatever it is focusing on. Can then use joystick to move camera as when in map mode.
[T]	Next Target	Selects next target around which camera can be rotated.
[Y]	Previous Target	Selects previous target around which camera can be rotated.
[G]	Track Next Object	Using the camera’s current location as a pivot point, will track selected object.
[H]	Track Previous Object	Using the camera’s current location as a pivot point, will track selected object.
[*]	Reset View	Will return you to default camera position in Free Mode

Problems associated with foreign language versions after installing the 2.01 update (a red hue appearing on the screen and a sudden increase in the firing rate of the Death Star cannon) have been corrected.

The Film Room: The film room will allow you to record and view the missions you have flown. See the beginning of this document for instructions.
Aureal A3D Interactive(TM) sound support: Provides hardware accelerated 3d positional audio. To enable this support go to the sound options menu in the game, and select on for 3d sound enabled. If you have an Aureal supported sound card it will default to A3D support.

Improvements to Direct Sound 3D support: We have made adjustments to our sound system to create a more fulfilling experience for users with Direct Sound 3D supported soundcards.


Prologue mission 3: Sometimes after a player would inspect 97% of the craft in Cargo area 2 the goal would appear as satisfied when it wasn't. This has been addressed.

Prologue mission 7: Changes in the ordering and triggering conditions that make the mission more cohesive.

Prologue mission 8: Occasionally the player's craft would inexplicably get disabled in the freighter region; this has been fixed.

Battle 4 mission 2: Occasionally a mission critical container would spontaneously explode; this has been fixed.

Battle 6 mission 5: On Easy difficulty only there was a problem with TIE Fighter AI; this has been adjusted.

Notes: None.

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