StarCraft: Reuniting




Name: Jim_Raynor Age: 13 Direction: I will try to make three more episodes, Episode VII, Protoss, Episode VIII, Zerg, and Episode IX, Terran. The Protoss campaign will be called Praetor of Shakuras, and it will have 3 levels and 3 cutscene levels. The Zerg campaign will be called Rebels of the Swarm, and will have 3 levels and 3 cutscene levels. The Terran campaign will be called Project Shadow Blade and will also have 3 levels and 3 cutscene levels.

The Protoss campaign is about the Dark Templar on Shakuras and their new leader, Praetor Artanis. 867 year old Yahzar and his apprentice, MiShuras, who is 287 years old, are serving under this new leader after the loss of Rascagal and the disappearance of Zeratul. MiShuras soon learns a secret beyond her or any of their imaginations...

The Zerg campaign focuses on a Hunter Killer under Kerrigan's control. The Hunter Killer, who is named Ryuuthn, seems to have a mind of it's own and doesn't like how Kerrigan is ruling. He asks her to give him a brood, but when Kerrigan refuses, he steals some Drones and makes his own plans...

In the Terran Campaign we continue to see the Dominion trying to rise in power, but this time they are trying to rebuild. To make it worse for them, Carl Dawson and a few Alpha Squadron men are trying to overthrow the Dominion. CD, as Dawson likes to be called, is working on destroying the Dominion, but the Dominion is working on a new project they call... Project Shadow Blade!

Each campaign has something unique at the end. The Protoss have a hidden bonus mission, the Zerg have an, um, Trigger full cutscene level, and the Terran have a boss fight.

Each campaign also has an epilogue.


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