Concept Art And Unit Art Changes

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Published by dreadlord12 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Interview with Karune

1. You told us once that the lurker has been redone and is more spiny and that we would see it later. Have we already seen it or is that something that will come later?

The Lurker, like the Nomad have their original artwork put back in, as they decide what the final piece will look like.

2. You have said some things that made it sound like when the new lurks are revealed there will be many other art updates...sort of a BIG art overhaul or something like that. Is it just the lurker that will be changing or should we be excited and be anticipating a large art update sometime in the future?

The artwork that was to be shown with the Lurker originally was the more 'gritty' Terran building art, which many have already been seen in both recent screenshots as well as at WWI. Nonetheless, there will still be work done to the Terran buildings, as well as the Protoss and Zerg.

3. If there is to be large art update, will it be revealed at Blizzcon of this year or do you think it will be released as a Q&A or something like that? You don't have to tell us exactly what to expect but if you let us know that it will be revealed at Blizzcon, that will only help to build the hype for the event and cause all of our blood pressures to rise until the event. :)

New artwork will likely first been seen in screenshots, but will definitely be seen in Art Panels at Blizzard events such as BlizzCon. 4. Blizz, don't forget to redo Dark Templar. Both concept art and in-game model suck hard.

We have a planned community event around the Dark Templar in which we hope to get much feedback about the models in-game of these units. More info will be available as we approach closer to BlizzCon.

5. Karune, if any particular unit gets cut can we still expect to see it available in the editor? and will currently canceled units be available in the editor, such as the tempest?

Yes, the map editor will have many of the units 'cut' from multiplayer. Units that have been cut from multiplayer does not necessarily mean you won't see them in the single player campaign.

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