New Planet Bio: Mar Sara

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Published by Dave-Mastor 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Another Planet Bio update from Blizzard; this time it's about Mar Sara, which many of you may remember as the first planet in the Terran Campaign, in Star Craft. It was one of the first planets in the game to be infested by the 'at that time' mysterious Zerg. They've got everything from a background story, to some of the planetary specifications, like population and climate. A worthwhile read if you're interested in the StarCraft background story, but aside from a few screen shots, barely any new content directly related to StarCraft II. You can read the full article, [url=]here[/url]. If you're not interested in reading background story of a backwater planet, and the escapades that have taken place there, enjoy the three new screen shots below, of the Tile-set on Mar Sara, with some new doodads. Additionally, there are three more screen shots of the tile-set, and two more original artworks, on the Blizzard Main site. One of the new screen shots prominently features what appears to be some kind of Terran or Civilian Buggy, and another features a Terran 'Bar' building.
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