DarthNerd's Protoss Theme

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What is the most uniqu...


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TechniqueBalanceFun FactorCreativityGameplay
7(N/A)(N/A)9 (N/A)
Overall Rating:Reviewer:Players:

What is the most unique thing you can think of? A musical rendition of the Protoss of course!
This is a song that truly defines "creative". In this song, we here various instruments such as: Bass, Bassoon, Horn, ect. According to the author, the song depicts the nature of the Protoss. At one point it's mysterious, then it's a little dark, then it opens up, then it's mysterious again; truly a captivating experience.

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                     Readme for DarthNerd's Protoss Theme

Allright, Heres my first SC2 file. 
This is a MIDI file OF MY OWN CREATION. I did NOT steal ANYONE's music. It was created with Finale NotePad 2008, with Oboe, A Clarinet, Bassoon, French Horn, Trumpet, and Electric Bass. However, it didn't transcribe to MIDI properly so the Bassoon part got screwed up...
But all that aside, this is my musical version of the Protoss. It brings out all their elements, mysterious at first, with a dark undertone, and then gradually more into the open. But when it seems that they are finally revealed, they go mysterious again. While the effect is not as great as the .MUS file, it still managed to bring most of the essence out. 

Legalities: Distribute at will, just don't post it anywhere as your own. If you use it somehow in something, credit me. This was made for enjoyment, so ENJOY IT!!! 

Blizzard (The Game)
Finale (the Music)

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