Protoss Wings Of Liberty V1.1

allow the maps to runDESCRIPTIONThese are modifications of the Starcraft II Wings of Liberty campaign, altered to play as the Zerg or Protos...

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allow the maps to runDESCRIPTIONThese are modifications of the Starcraft II Wings of Liberty campaign, altered to play as the Zerg or Protoss with the levels transitioningin the sequence listed below with mission selection dialog boxes appearing at the end of the missions prior to Hanson03, Tosh03 and Valerian02allowing the choice to be made as to which of the 2 parralel missions to move onto next as well as the secret mission being implemeted throughthe use of the Secret Documents. The technology and/or units being unlocked in each level are also listed below. Lastly there is a monetaryreward for completing the bonus/research objectives in missions where you have a base. A total of 300 Minerals and 200 Gas in each missionwhere you can make units. (For example a map with 2 bonus objectives the reward is split between the 2 for 150 Minerals and 100 Gas for eachobjective)INSTALLATIONUnzip the file in your Starcraft II maps directory so that it looks like so - StarCraft IIMapsRacesZergStarCraft IIMapsRacesProtossFor ease of use add a shortcut to Starcraft II.exe in each folder then just drag the map you want to play onto the shartcut.The campaign starts at Raynor01 and will go in map sequence in the order below but feel free to start whereever you choose and have fun :)READMEbefore you start please read the next few lines as they refer to a couple of major issues i couldn't iron out***MAJOR BUGS***-The game will automatically load in normal difficulty, to change that go to the menu (F10) choose restart and select your difficulty.Your chosen difficulty should remain as you progress through the CAMPAIGN but i have found that in some cases it may not so please checkwhenever you load into a new mission.-The "Play Again" button on the victory summary screen is bugged, do NOT use it as it will load the original Blizzard version of themap. If at the Victory screen you'd like to play the map again just press F10 and choose restart. I also noticed restarting the mapfrom the F10 menu after having finished the mission and being in the score summary screen will restart the mission But with thenext mission's load screen-In map Tosh02 (Covert Mission 2 - Welcome to the jungle) you must use SCV's to harvest Terrazine. After a couple of days of messingabout i still couldn't correct this so as a work around i have given the Nexus/Hatchery/Lair the abbilty to build neutered SCV'sthey can still harvest gas, mine minerals and repair (useful for Protoss) but they cannot build anything to make matters worse YOUMUST NOT TRY TO HARVEST TERRAZINE WITH A PROBE OR DRONE. Although it may not appear so, the worker will eventually return a Terrazinecanister back to base but it won't count towards your objective and will make the Terrazine shrine unusable, again i've tried toatleast correct this but to no avail- there's a message in game to remind you of this but you've been warned :(-These maps are compatible with the GB and US Localised Starcraft 2 and i cannot confirm that they will work with any other versionThats it, below is a map sequence list as well as a list of all the changes i've made, minor bugs i've come across, things i'dlike to add in a future release or update and my contact details. Feel free to contact me with any bugs you might have found orrequests but keep it family friendly please :)NOTES AND MINOR BUGS -in no perticular order-Any units that have been replaced still appear as their original selves in the portraits during audio transisions-Audio transmisions that refer to units you dont have, have been removed-Some audio transmisions talk about units you dont have access to but i have left in place as they notify you of somethingimportant e.g. "the dominion are boosting the speed of their trains somehow, you'll need diamondbacks to catch them"-In Single player Corruptor Corruption ability acts like Overseer Contamination which the Overseer is missing the ability-Having said that, remember all the units are as they are in campaign mode. e.g. Archons with less range and no splash damage,massive units can't crush force fields, infestors neural parasite lasts until cancelled, pheonix can't shoot while moving,Siege tanks having a high base damage but not increased against armored targets. If i get enough requests about the same unit's capabilities i might change it. Bare in mind it will change the stats for bothallied and enemy units-The Zerglings and Banelings you start with in a mission will not show the specific unit upgrades you start with even thoughthey are implemented. As in, the Zerglings you start with in a mission won't show their speed uprgrade wings even though theyhave increased speed, newly built Zerglings won't have this problem. Likewise Banelings you start with in a mission where youhave the banelings speed upgrade won't show their rolling animation even though they have increased speed, again new Banelingswill show the correct movement animation-Merc fcailities have been removed. Although i may try to implement a Zerg/Protoss mercinary system at a later date-I've managed to get Ghost EMP working in the few maps where you have ghosts-Protoss in the Zeratul missions will play as Terran-I've removed all tips (help notifications that pop up) from the game as most referred to units and abilities you dont have-As with multiplayer in the early game, Zerg need to improvise in early mission against air units-Campaign Creep Tumors ARE VISIBLE. Changeing this will also make enemy creep invisible-Unit specific tech is perminatnly researched, like the original campaign, once you see it has been implemeted it is permanent-Zerg Scourge have an odd cost of 74M 1G. I haven't changed this as it never seemed too imbalanced-I've removed the optional objectives from Zeratul mission 2&3 as they weren't relevant and i couldn't get working when ialtered the maps to have Zerg and Terran rescuable buildings and units-The briefings you watch on the bridge of the Hyperion before a mission have not been added, although if a mission has an intro orvictory sequence it has been implemented-I've deleted or modified some irrelevant victory score screen info-I've altered some objective titles-For Zerg, Hero Portraits appear blank-The maps fully support GB and US and will also work with versions of the game that are not GB or US Localised but there will no doubtbe a few para/value missing text errors as well a game text that doesn't match. For example objectives showing Banshee kills insteadof Mutalisk/Void Rays-On some maps the Warp gates you start with have a visual bug that effects the Gate's Warp Core/Sphere it appears to be static insteadof "shimmering"-There is a small glitch with the Protoss user interface, a tiny vertical slit is missing left of the picture of a selected unit-The score screen always states units "trained" as opposed to warped in or spawned-300m 200g total for bonus/optional/research objectives-Some maps start with you being at your supply limit, as it is in the original campaign mode-The achievements are not functional, or atleast i haven't tested them :)-Map autosaves don't work-Restarting (or loading) a map will sometimes show tips on the load screen from the original campaign-Saving and loading works (saves as "Verses AI") but you can only load from within one of these maps not from logging in and atteptingto load from the main screen as it will not show the save game thereMap Sequence and units/tech unlocked list + map specific bugsMar Sara 1: Liberation DayMarine-Zergling-Zealot***As Zerg Raynor's hero portrait is blank---Kept Raynor as himself but changed Raynors squad and reinforcements into Zerglings/Zealots---Altered Raynor to have slight health regen for Zerg and halved his health but added shields for ProtossMar Sara 2: The Outlaws SCV, Medic,-Drone, Overlord,-Probe---Kept the rebels you rescue the same as the compliment your Zerglings/ZealotsMar Sara 3: Zero Hour Bunker, Turret,T1I-Spine/Spore Crawler, T1G, Queen-Chrono, Cannon, T1G---Kept the troops you can rescue the same as the compliment your Zerglings/Zealots---Added rescueable flying barracks to the third troops (but will not land on creep)---Replaced the Hyperion with the Leviathan/Artanis Mothership in Victory sequence---Managed to get Crono Boost working and is active from here onColonist 1: The Evacuation Firebat-Zergling Speed,Baneling-WarpTech,Sentry+Tech---Kept the colonists the same---Replaced bunkers with infested auto turrets/cannons---Modified Zerg auto turrets to be infested (although it doesnt show) and made them biological, slow heal no burn outArtifact 1: Smash and Grab Marauder-Roach-Stalker---Replaced Marauder reinforcements with Roaches/Stalker---Roaches don't have the range to hit Sentries behind their force fields, you have to wait for their energy to run out or find another way to kill themCovert 1: The Devil's Playground Reaper-Burrow, Overlord Speed-Zealot Speed---Gave the player an Infested Command Center/ normal Command Center with no building capabilities (won't land on creep)---Made the command Centre not burn out and for Zerg made it biological and slow heal and Protoss gave shields---Replaced Reaper reinforcements with Roaches/Stalkers---Moved resource caches off high ground ledges---Removed "units rescued" counter from score screen as it wasn't counting properlyV1.1---Altered the second victory condition so that you don't have to go Overlord hunting when they can easily float out of rangeColonist 2: Outbreak Hellion, T1M-Baneling Speed, Roach Speed-High Templar+Tech***Baneling speed animation bugged in first Banelings (fixes when new Banelings are made)Covert 2: Welcome to the Jungle Goliath-Hydralisk, Lair-ImmortalXXXDrones and Probes unable to harvest terrazine, SCV trainable at Hatchery/Lair and Nexus - Using Drones or Probes will bug the levelRebellion 1: The Great Train Robbery Diamondback-Overseer,Tunnlng, Genrte Creep-Obsrvr+Tech,Stlkr Blnk---Replaced abandoned Diamondbacks with Roaches/Stalker---Implemented next map choice dialog boxes---Added secret StimColonist 3a: Safe Haven Viking, T1A-Scourge, T1A-Phoenix, T1A***Zerg air attack 1 doesnt apply to Scourge so it is removed until later---Left coloists defenders as MarinesColonist 3b: Haven's Fall Viking, T1A-Scourge, T1A-Phoenix, T1A***Zerg air attack 1 doesnt apply to scourge so it is removed until later---Moved gas rescource caches from isolated excavations grounds (bottom left corner island, bottom right corner high ground and centre low ground)Artifact 2: The Dig Siege Tank, T2I, T2M, T2A-Lurker,T2G, T2A-Colossus+Tech, T2G, T2A***Zerg Drakken Laser Drill Hero protrait blank---Altered Drakken Laser Drill to slow heal and be biological for Zerg /shields for Protoss---Siege tanks replaced with Lurkers/colossi (first Pylon moved for Lurker range)Prophecy 1: Whispers of Doom Zeratul, Stalker-Brutalisk, Hydralisk-Nova, Marine, Medic---Protoss play as Terran---Replaced Zeratul with Kerrigan/Nova***Zerg Kerrigan Hero protrait blank---Zerg Replaced Kerrigan with evil raynor---Removed stalker reinforcements entirely---Replaced Karass with Tychus/Aberration and Zealot troops with Firebats/Roaches---Added Zerg tech for players who are active with Novas Domination ability---Removed 1 set of destructable rocks as they slowed down the pace of the mapProphecy 2: A Sinister Turn Prob, Zelot, Immtl, DT, HT-Drone, Ovrlrd, Queen, Zrglng, Roch-SCV, Firbt, Maruardr, Helion, Reaper, Ghst, Vulte---Protoss play as Terran***First 2 Drones dropped from the void seeker bugged during intro (they briefly appear as burrowed model)---Replaced abandoned Protoss Buildings that can be Pylon rescued and added rescuable Zerg tech buildings and Terran claimable neutral attachements and rescuable Shadow Ops---Disabled building Terran attachements---Zerg Lair tech is for Overlord Generate Creep to hold rescued buildings---Added Marauder stimProphecy 3: Echoes of the Future Observer, Colossus-Overseer, Scourge, Lurker-Golth, Vikng, Diamnd Bck, Siege Tnk---Protoss play as Terran***Zerg Kerrigan Hero protrait blank***Rescuing the Orbital Command will turn your current Command Center into an Orbital Command as well but it is bugged and your original can't supply drop but can still load SCVs, turn into a Planitary Fortress, Mule drop, and Scan.---Replaced Zeratul with Kerrigan/Nova---Removed pylon rescuable structures and replaced with rescuable buildings for Terrans and random rescuable units for Zerg---Added Marauder stim---Added Zerg tech for players who are active with Novas Domination ability---Prevent Hunter Killer Hydralisks morphing into LurkerProphecy 4: In Utter Darkness Phenix, V Ray, Carrier, Mship-Crrptr, Mtlsk, Infstr, scrg, Ultrlsk, Broodlrd- Medvc, Wraith, Spectr, Thor, Bnshee, BttlCrsr---Protoss play as Terran***Zerg Hero protraits blank***Terran Hero Kills stat on score screen doesn't count Raynor's, Tychus' or Nova's kills---Replaced hero Phoenis Urun with Brutalisk/improved Hel's Angel---Replaced hero Void Ray Mohandar with Omegalisk/improved Dusk Wing---Replaced hero Carrier Selendis with beefed up Aberration/improved Jacksons Revenge---Replaced hero Mothership Artanis with Leviathon without the ability to spawn units) /seriously reduced Hyperion---Added Marauder and Marauder Merc stim---Added complete Zerg tech for players who are active with Novas Domination ability---Prevented Hunter Killer Hydralisks morphing into LurkerRebellion 2: Cutthroat Vulture-Zergling Attack ---Replaced Mira Hans Terran forces Zerg/Protoss---Prevented Hunter Killer Hydralisks morphing into LurkerArtifact 3: The Moebius Factor Medivac-Overlord Drop-Warp Prism---Replaced Medivac with Overlord/Warp Prism---Replaced lost troops with Zerg/Protoss---Removed units rescued counter from score screen as it wasn't counting properlyRebellion 3: Engine of DestructionWraith, T3I, T3M, T3A-Corruprtor, T3G, T3A-Scout, T3G, T3A---Left Tychus and Medics the same (gave slow health regen Zerg / fast shields regen Protoss) but replaced Marines with Zerglings/Zealots---Replaced Odin with beefed up Brutalisk/Stone Zealot---Implemented next map choice dialog boxesCovert 3a: Breakout Spectre-Infestor-Dark Templar---Replaced Tosh with Beefed up Infestor/Zeratul Wanted to make Raiders forces and prison vehicles Zerg/Protoss but couldn't - maybe in a later release :)Covert 3b: Ghost of a Chance Ghost-Infestor-Dark Templar---Replaced Nova with beefed up Queen/Zeratul---Replaced reinforcements with Zerg/Protoss---Moved Zerg landing zone on island 2 as Zerg don't have a unit to get past the gate---Moved door generator closer for Zerg unit range---Moved Spectre on island 2 closer---Gave Queen Nova's Domination ability instead of an Infestor with Neural Parasite as its bugged in this mapRebellion 4: Media Blitz Thor-Ultralisk+Tech,Hive-Archon---Replaced Odin with beefed up Brutalisk/Stone Zealot---Added complete Terran tech for players with active Infestors and Neural Parasite---Implemented Sectret Mission activationRebellion 5: Piercing the Shroud ***Hero portrait blank Zerg---Added complete Terran tech for players with active Infestors and Neural Parasite---Left Raynor the same but added regen health+spawn creep for Zerg/shields+blink for Protoss---Raynors troops amd reinforcements Zerg/Protoss---Disabled LurkersArtifact 4: Supernova Banshee-Mutalisk-Void Ray+Tech---Replaced Banshee's with Mutalisks and Void Rays---Added complete Protoss tech for players with active Infestors and Neural ParasiteArtifact 5: Maw of the Void Battlecruiser-Broodlord-Carrier+Tech---Replaced Battle Cruisers with Broodlords and Carriers---Added complete Protoss tech for players with active Infestors and Neural Parasite---Replaced improsoned Dark Templar with Shielded Ghosts---For Zerg, Creep shows during the intro as even at maximum speed i couldn't get it to receed fast enoughFinal 1: Gates of Hell Nydus Worm-Mothership---Replaced drop pod troops with Zerg/Protoss---Implemented next map choice dialog boxes---Replaced rescuable Factory/Starport with 4 Drones/Probes eachFinal 2a: Belly of the Beast ---Left squad the same but added regen health, Creep speed bonus and Stetman Fungal Growth for Zerg /shields, blink and Stetman Psi Storm for Protoss---Replaced lost troops Zerg/Protoss---Made Sentrys and Stalkers biological so Stetman can heal them---Lowered the walking speed of Stalkers---Added Stetman kills in score screen---Disabled Lurkers (hydralisk morphing into lurkers)---Greatly increased shield recharge rate of all units to match Stetmans heal rate***When selected, Stetman doesn't show his kill count Final 2b: Shatter the Sky no alterationsFinal 3: All-In***Kerrigan doesn't appear during the intro---Modified artifact Zerg slow heal and biological /Protoss shieldsFinally, things i'd like to release later-I'd like to fix some of the audio trasmissions terminating the trasnmission before it finishes, such as "i've got some friends coming to helpyou out, Reapers" I could cut the last word out. I didn't consider it a priority at the time-Although it may be beyond my abilities i would like to try and implement a selection dialog screen at the end of end mission where players can choosewhich of the avaliable mission to play next and carry over tech they unlock in that mission. Although it may not be possible-I'd also like to add a Zerg/Protoss Merc building that would work as the Terran Merc Compound does and would give access the merc version of a unitthe mission after you have unlocked it-It'd be nice if i could add the cuscene movies inbetween missions-I'd like to change the toolbar priority for some unique units in the Zeratul missions so you don't have to tab through the unit tybe to get to special abilities-Change the portraits in the audio transmisions to match the new unit speaking-Remove the tips that appear on the load screen when restarting a map-Lastly i'd like to make a Coop Wings of Liberty camapaignAnd for those of you kind enough to read until the end, a reward. What happens when Zerglings and Zealots get their hands (claws) on stimpacks? Located somewhere in The Great Train Robbery is a building that doesnt belong, destroy it and find [email protected]

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