StarCraft II

The sequel to the legendary real-time strategy, spanning three main story arcs and having its own eSports scene at the same time.

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Devastation Patch Change Log Retail/Demo

Here is a thread that posts upcoming changes in the upcoming demo/retail patch. No info on when the patch will be out, here is a list of what you will expect in the next patch. ARUSH Entertainment -Optimized network usage for pawns, decorations, pickups, projectiles -Made bass and pitch fixes to all weapon sounds, fixed volume. -Rewro...


Devastation Devastation Console Commands

Not hard to figure out but worth a shout (newspost) are the Devastaion Console Commands. Since the game uses the UT Engine, it should have the same console commands, you can find a list here:


Devastation Multiplayer Dedicated Server FAQ

Forum member EaSyKiLL has posted a dedicated MP server FAQ on the official forums to help people in setting up their own Dedicated Servers for Devastation. Click here to check out the thread. Thanks DevastationGaming!