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StarCraft II Hell, it's about Valentine's!

Blizzard just added three new Valentine's day themed wallpapers for your desktop viewing pleasure. All three wallpapers are hearts, stylized to each of the three races. Valentine's day is coming up soon, so be sure to let your Starcraft valentine know where your loyalties lie, and save the battles for when the game comes out. Check 'em out, here.


StarCraft II Starcraft II beta test will begin in the next few months

Yesterday, during a conference call between Activision Blizzard analysts and executives at, it was confirmed that the Starcraft II Beta will take place "in the next few months", which could possibly mean that a full release is just around the corner after the beta. This could mean a Holiday 2009, or early 2010 release; though don't get your hopes up. Y...


StarCraft II Protoss Dark Templar voting

Hi there everyone. I'm trying to put up some news but I'm not very good at it so here it goes. Everyone that didn't liked the new protoss dark templar can now vote at You can choose between the old starcraft dark templar, the new one or both! So let your choices be heard by Blizzard!


StarCraft II StarCraft II, Battle Reports

Blizzard just introduced a new feature to their StarCraftII website; "Battle Reports", which is a prerecorded video of a StarCraft match, with developer commentary. It's fast talking, fast paced action, a definitely entertaining watch. If you're new to StarCraft, you can take a look, and see what it's all about, and maybe learn a few pointers. If you want...


StarCraft II Starcraft II Split Into Three Separate Campaigns

At the start of Blizzcon, Rob Pardo, executive vice-president of game design at Blizzard announced that each campaign will be split into three different games. This will allow for epic story telling, but will have the obvious drawl backs of having to buy three games. The games' names are: Terrans - Wings of Liberty Zerg - Heart of the Swarm Protoss -...


StarCraft II Blizzcon 2008 Underway!

Blizzcon 2008 is now underway from today (October 10th) until tomorrow, October 11th. Blizzcon is a celebration of all the Blizzard games and the communities that surround and support them. This two-day event will contain "Q&A panels featuring Blizzard Entertainment developers", "social events for players and developers to meet one another", and "hands-on...


StarCraft II StarCraft II Q&A Batch 44

Here it is once again, Blizzard has launched there newest Q&A with Devs Karune and Cavez. Check it out here!


StarCraft II Starcraft II Comic Contest

Blizzard is hosting a StarCraft themed comic contest, basically anything funny and Star Craft related goes. The winner receives a 8Gb Blizzard Ipod Nano, StarCraft Battlechest, StarCraft Boardgame, and copy of the StarCraft Cinematics dvd. You can see the official page, here.


StarCraft II Blizzcon 2008 Online

The official Blizzcon 2008 Online website is finally online! Browse the site, its listed tournaments, available discussion panels, contests, goodie bags and more. The panels that will be pertaining to Starcraft 2 are the Lore and Art panels, which some of us will be attending. Whats in the goody bag you ask? Well heres what we know so far: - Divine shield...