Looping Stars Main Menu

1695242588-Looping Stars Main Menu BG-3244-1-01-1695135414.zip


I saw some people were adding different main menu designs and such and figured I wanted to add my own, just some simple yet effective monochrome stars.

I personally love how much it feels like it fits. Enjoy!

also it's 1080p

Created by iLongbow



Didn't take too much effort, just 10 bucks since my Photoshop didn't want to work for rendering a video (that would loop) and the other sources necessary for putting a file into bk2. Also my Premiere didn't want to run. Adobe is consistent. I'm also not sarcastic.

Here's the original file/where I got the video I liked and looped: this little fella


If you don't have it already, a lot of other mods require you to have a StarfieldCustom.ini file.
As far as I'm aware, edits to files for backgrounds like this one don't require it, but I'm mentioning it here just in case.
I'll provide a .ini as well in the optional files.

    The main menu/background file goes here: SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Starfield/Data/video

    The StarfieldCustom.ini file goes here: Documents/my games/Starfield


At the time of me writing this I have no idea how Vortex or mod managers work because I'm a silly little goofball and install everything manually. However, I imagine this would function similarly to however you'd download any file like this otherwise.

Any questions or otherwise I'd be happy to answer, but I want to lay out some grounded statements first to slap any immediate questions away while I'm thinking of things that might be more commonly asked.

Yes, you can make your own fairly easily, use Bink.

Yes, Bink tells you to get a license, but you can just rename it to .bk2 while rendering and it works fine.

Yes, if you have a request, I'd at the very least consider it. That said, I only like making stuff like this as long as it fits the thematics of the game.
I probably wouldn't do anime/pixel/random backgrounds. Just doesn't line up enough, in my opinion, but doing it yourself isn't that hard.

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