Na'Vi Race from Avatar

1695245414-Na'Vi Race Skin Tone.7z


Custom hand painted Avatar/Na'vi textures. 4k. Reskin of Skin tone 9 Created by StarLoddy



Requirement! You'll need to add an .ini file into the same folder (Documents\My Games\Starfield) called StarfieldCustom.ini with the following lines:

(if thats confusing, just download this) https://www.nexusmods.com/starfield/mods/273

Alright, now to the main mod installation, Drop the textures folder into your C:\Users\StarLoddy\Documents\My Games\Starfield\Data folder.
Thats it!

In game, Turn off any skin derma settings on your character, besides makeup, the original derma tones are still human shade, and don't blend well with the cyan na'vi tone. test around, get something that works for you!

The eyes are swapped out from the Red eye, and Evil Red eye ones. Dilated, and less dilated: up to preference.

Customizing Your Player and Companion Appearance:

    Accessing the Console in Game: Press the "~"
    key to open the game console.
    Opening Face Editor: Enter the command "showlooksmenu player 2"
    . This will bring up the face editor.
    Editing the Character: Modify your player's physique, facial features, hair, and other characteristics. For users employing this particular preset, please utilize skin tone 9.
    Finalizing Edits: Once satisfied with the modifications, confirm and exit the player editing interface.
    Switching Views: Shift to a third-person perspective, ensuring both your character and the companion are visible on the screen.
    Identifying Your Player ID:
        Open the game console again.
        Left-click on your character to display the character ID in the console. For instance, your ID should appear as "00000014"
        Note: The command "this"
        can also be utilized to pull up and display the character ID within the console.

Identifying Your Companion's ID: Left-click on your companion. Their ID should appear on the screen, Andreja is 000059A9

    Tip: The scroll wheel can cycle between displayed IDs. If you're having difficulty displaying IDs while indoors, consider relocating to an outdoor setting as some indoor environments might pose challenges.

Applying Your Edits to the Companion:

    Ensure the companion's ID remains visible on the screen.
    In the console, type the command "capp"
    followed by your character's ID. For instance, if your character ID was "00000014" the command would be"capp 00000014"
    Press enter. Your customized appearance should now be reflected on your companion.

This Can also be done in reverse, to get your followers appearance to then edit to the Na'Vi tone and then back onto them, for the ultimate Avatar Game in space; the final frontier of Pandora!
Applying Your companions Edits to your player:

    Ensure your ID remains visible on the screen.
    In the console, type the command "capp"
    followed by your companions ID. For instance, if their ID was "000059A9"
    , the command would be "capp 000059A9"

To Change the height of your follower, use the console, click your follower. Make sure their tag is selected, then type "setscale 1.7" in the window, for movie accuracy. For something that fits better in the game world, try 1.3, or 1.2. Its up to you. After that, you pretty much have an avatar RPG haha.

For anyone with digital art skills who doesnt understand modding files, but wants to edit their skin, ill teach you how! Bc I was in the same boat, but brute forced my way to learning how over the last week. I endorse any and all customizations! go wild! Feel free to upload your own mods, just credit me as the original author or sumn.

for Color files, such as the face textures, I used "Paint.net" https://www.getpaint.net/download.html a free software for editing DDS filed(The games main file format), but just make sure to export the DDS as "BC1 (srgb dx10+)". It should appear 2nd in the drop down menu. 
(PS, if you need to see the format of the original file that you need to convert yours back to, drop the original file into "Nvidia Texture Tools exporter" https://developer.nv...-tools-exporter and then on the left column there's an "input Information" drop down menu that shows you the DDS format! You can make your edits, and then re-export it back into the mod files! 
I really only recomend Nvidia texture tools for upscaling Color Files, because its kind of minimal with other options for Normal maps and AO maps. I suggest Paint.net for those. MAKE SURE to turn off any "gamma correction" settings, as it basically applies an unwanted/unneeded filter over your RGB colors, ruining the original colors. It messes up the seams unless you gamma correct ALL the color files. which would be a pain.
Color maps are "BC1 (sRGB DX10+)"
Normal maps are "BC5_SNORM"  which is "BC5 (Linear, Signed)" in the Paint.net exporter
AO maps are "BC4_UNORM" which is "BC4 (Linear, Unsigned)"

It should be slow compression speed, but I don't think it changes much! if you're wondering what my original Texture size was, it was 4096 x 4096 to make everything looky niceee
That info took me FOREVER to find myself, so there you go! you shouldn't really need to edit any files besides the color maps to make any modifications!

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