Power from Beyond - Skip Vladimir

1697652788-Power from Beyond - Skip Vladimir.zip


Simple bat file you can run to skip going back to Vladimir every single time you need to find a new temple. Created by Aurelianis.



Not much to say about this one. It got old real quick going back to Vlad for the temples. 

Once you have the Power From Beyond quest in your log, just open console and use the command bat skipvlad to get the temple location without needing to go back to Vlad.

Put the file in Documents\My Games\Starfield. There are other places it will work as well, so if you have other bat files you use in a different location feel free to put it there instead.

Pair this with Short Temple Puzzles to make getting all those powers slightly less grindy.

The bat file just has one simple line that sets the quest stage:
SetStage 000854e8 10

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