Concerning recent Heavy Handed Attitude and Model Dissagreement

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As to follow up on the unfortunate Business of the model theft, I'm going to fill you all in on what's happening. MDF Destroyers Files were pulled after messages been left on his files and me personally sending him an email, (I also informed Mcdobbin of the files in question and asked him to keep an eye on them for me as I have my own site to maintain) I also gave Destroyer over a week longer than I originally intended to give him the benefit of the doubt. But yet again he uploaded a model without permission from the original author in this Case Azel/Atolm. Claiming the files in question were from Manitobashipyards.freewebs.com (this was the original home of OutaLance Shipyards. All the readme's on this site were updated as Models Please himself updates all OutaLance readmes on a monthly basis NONE are passed by or missed. Upon MDF Destroyer's files been removed from SFC3files Other members of MDF have started to complain about the "Heavy Handed attitude" that is now having to be taken to avoid all future issues. SFC3files staff are going to be updating the readme's of all files currently held and any mods that have complaints or queries against them will be throughly checked out and all permissions reconfirmed. While this is been done an explanation of the various readme's and user agreements will be given. (this avoids any confusion about what can and cant be done with their files) will be kept along with up to date Release Policies of all modelers and modders with up to date contact details or places where they can be found (if you wish your name and contact details or a place where people can find you please email this information to [email protected] where i can add them to the growing list). These in turn will be updated once a month in case some authors change their minds on their release policies. Now how can someone claim their work is been stolen when CBS and Paramount as well as the various companies and game developers pretty much own everything Star Trek?..... Pretty easy they can't. Unless you want to bring CBS and Paramount in who would most probably put a stop against all modding of the Star Trek games, None of us want this. But the authors who have certain sorts of Release Policies simply ask that they be informed or asked about their model. I.E. OutaLance Shipyards has a 1 texture-set for each mod Policy, They will do retextures within about a day if the model the person is after is already in use. OutaLance does this so it can keep a track of what models are in use and who has them in case they need to update the readme or the models/textures Nightsoft Models Contain an EULA as Nightsoft have a limited license with CBS and Paramount allowing them to have Copyright on their work, All they ask is that the EULA be kept in the files at all times so proper credit to be given. Some people and groups also ask that their work NOT be uploaded to sites such as Battleclinic or SFC3files or other public download sites. While other people don't even want to be asked about using them some don't even care about credits been given. But the ones who do are the core of all the Major Communities, they built the best models and always try to help out the newbies with any problems they may come across. These Models are used by the Modders to make the Mods we all Love to Play, A lot of these authors do complain to the admin of sites such as this and in some cases remove their models from the net entirely, which in turn reduces the choice for Modders to make new and exciting mods. The recent "Heavy Handed attitude" that is been taken is to help ensure that incidents where authors remove their files from these sites doesn't happen. I do sincere apologize for having to step on peoples toes to bring SFC3files up to date on all these polices that have existed for years. No such complaints are filed against Battleclinic because they do keep on top and regularly have to remove the odd file if needed. This Site is NO different. As for the naming and shaming that has had to been done I won't apologize nor will the other Admin for having to do so. Anyone who doesn't wish for SFC3files to host their work can contact any of the admin with the links to their files and we shall remove them. The next few weeks will see a lot of changes here hopefully all for the best. if anyone doesn't like them then I'm afraid to say tough. SFC3Files is the only site where this kind of behavior has been allowed to continue, it's also the Site with the least files, that kinda speaks for itself. The admin here don't have to spend most of their free time to help bring SFC3files back to its former glory, but we do, we also don't enjoy having to Heavy Handed as we are been now, all we want to do is log on validate POTD's and add all the new files. After all the changes and new guidelines and contact details of the authors have been added new models and Mods and pretty much an entire copy of all Ports from our Sister site BCFiles will be added for SFC1,2,OP,3. The admin here ask for your patience and that you hold back on your complaints about the Heavy Handed attitude. You can threaten a Boycott all you like there are plenty of other people who will continue to visit this site. As for any issues that MDF may have with OutaLance you can Get hold of Me Fallen_Warrior The owner and Director of OutaLance Shipyards at the afore mentioned email and messenger address ([email protected]) to clear anything up. In fact I welcome a chance to get a list of your members and their Release Policies so i can add them to the list of authors, and to fully hear out your opinions and work out any disagreements you may have. I'm not going to allow Comments to be made about this Posting as they always seem to start a flame war where people want to give their own opinion and views on an already closed subject. If MDF Destroyer wishes to re upload his work in a future date with the correct readme's and permission from all authors work used that can be checked. there will not be a problem with re uploading the files. Thank you for your time and I do apologize about any inconvenience that has been or will be caused with the updating of this site. Fallen_Warrior Head of OutaLance Shipyards and SFC3Files Admin.

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