Dynauniverse 2 and 3 Server Admins Group restarted

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Published by mdcobbin 18 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Dynauniverse 2 and 3 Server Admins Group restarted With the horrible failure of the last attempt to have a working server admin's group I have been pondering about actually starting one up that would actually mean something and do something for the community as a whole and not a select group. I am going to have a meeting in two weeks probably on a Friday or Saturday night. By this time I will have some forums set up where we will be able to post our ideas and share our knowledge to those who want to have it. This will not be a group like that of the past, we are not going to be attempting to tell admin's how they should word their rules or host their servers, this will be a collective group that can share their help with one for the betterment of the community as a whole. I will ask that we all leave any past arguments and ego's at home, I am forming this group as a place where we as admin's can gather and share our help and knowledge of Star Trek gaming. All Server Admins, Creators, and Fan Website Admins are welcome to attend. I will discuss with you further should you have any questions when I set a cumulative date, which can be changed if needed. As of right now I am thinking about the 13th, 14th or the 20th or 21st. This will give us all time to make a 30 minute spot to have our first meeting. Thank you, GQ[E]TG]-Wildcard-Fadm GQ Fleet Commanding Co-Creator SFC III "The near Distant Future" mdcobbin
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