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Courtesy of Joelteon7 from our neighbor, Armada2Files:[quote]As promised, I am here tonight to give you some information about the new Star Trek game, "Legacy". The included information includes speculation, where mentioned, and bonified facts from articles and interviews across the net (also listed along side). So, where to start? Date of release - September/Fall Region - World-wide Platform - Xbox 360, PC Developer - Bethesda (Oblivion) and Mad Doc (Armada 1 and 2) System Requirements: Unknown at the current time. From looking at the pictures and the fact that the sister format is the 360, the requirements "may" be high, just my own speculation here. Moddability - Most likely, more on this later. The game, as you may or not know, is focusing around a single player campaign in the Federation only. Starting from before the construction of the Federation on board Jonathon Archer's ship, the "Enterprise" through to the era of The Original Series towards the The Next Generation time including that of Deep Space Nine Voyager and one presumes, Nemesis (here's hoping for the Romulan Norexan). From the looks of the campaign, I'm guessing that you will as you progress, control the flag ships, or well known ships, of each time on missions that would seem to influnce the future. Whilst you may have a flag ship, you will have support ships, similar to the format of "Dominion Wars" or "Starfleet Command" however, even though it has been said before that you will have smaller support ships, on the of the screenshots on the main site clearly shows three Galaxy class ships flying in unison. Now unless that Galaxy class is now a support ship, this would seem to contradict previously mentioned information. Now, from the description on the main Bethesda Legacy site, here: http://startrek.bethsoft.com/home/home.html , it states about the single player that, [quote]Develop your strategy, assemble the fleet, and fight the most decisive battles in Starfleet history[/quote] possibly meaning you WILL be having hero ships and that you will indeed have to maintain the Legacy of the Federation. Now, as we know there is a TNG/DS9 era, it's pretty safe to assume there will be some sort of battle within the Dominion Wars. Other battles in Starfleet history? Any with the Xindi? The Romulan Wars, considering the Romulans are in this and that you will be breaching the gap between ENT era and TOS, this could occur. The Enterprise/Relaint incident or the Khitomer incident with Chang? Would these be considered skirmishes and not battles though? We know the Borg are definitely in, so maybe the Best of Both Worlds battle at Wolf 359? Whatever, we're guaranteed, there WILL be battles. Now, going back to te sort of "check-list" of contents, here, http://startrek.bethsoft.com/games/legacy-overview.html , it mentions that [quote]Customizable fleets, ships and captains Victories earn Command Points, which are used to personalize your fleet, ships, and captains.[/quote] which sounds very Starfleet Command if you ask me. However, we also have [quote]Dynamic three-dimensional battlefields Beautiful space environments filled with fully realized nebulas, wormholes, planets, and stars. Intuitive controls allow you to quickly select targets and destinations in 3D space. [/quote] which is very Bridge Commander sounding however we then have [quote]Real time Starfleet combat Engage in large-scale combat with dozens of warships fighting simultaneous battles across vast sections of space.[/quote] which hints towards Armada. So what genre IS this game?? According to one of the interviews from "Star Trek Gamers" (http://www.startrek-gamers.com/legacy.htm) [quote]Let me take a moment to clear up the confusion on Legacy, because it really is not a full out RTS, rather – it’s a hybrid. You see, Star Trek: Legacy is the Star Trek game I’ve always wanted to make: the best possible gaming representation of Trek fleet combat.[/quote] So, we have a hybrid? Good, bad? Personally, this could be very interesting, as later on in the same interview... [quote]So, when any game design question came up, we asked two questions: 1) Is this fun? and 2) Is this Trek? Anything that didn’t fit both of those categories was cut. Legacy is part squad shooter, part action game, part strategy game…and it’s all Trek combat all the time.[/quote] After this, what else is there? Well, I suppose you'll want to know the moddability, right? [quote]A question for all the modders out there. Will Star Trek Legacy be as mod friendly as Armada 2? We know how important it is for the game to be moddable, and Mad Doc feels a strong loyalty to the modding community and all our fans. That said, we plan on supporting them as they have supported us all these years. [/quote] (http://www.gameradio.de/artikel.php?right=int_startrek_legacy&news_id=437 -GameRadio.de) To me, that sounds good! Other parts? [quote]How does combat work? Are there any special weapons like in Star Trek Armada 2 or maneuvers? Can you destroy a ships subsystems part by part? Special weapons will be an important feature during combat. You decide what specials to equip your ships with between missions, and control how and when they are used during the game. It’s been really cool dreaming up what kind of special attacks you can unleash. [/quote] (from the same site as previously listed) So, special weapons are in it? Does this mean the Sovereign class will be getting a carbomite reflector and a Nebula class will be able to gemini effect? Now, when asked about multiplayer on the "Skewed and Reviwed" website (http://sknr.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=369&Itemid=43), they said that, [quote] What forms of Multiplay will be available? Legacy’s multiplayer experience is all about massively cool space battle at its best. It’s focused on real-time Starfleet combat, from small-scale engagements, to all-out war with dozens of warships fighting simultaneous battles across vast sections of space. You can engage in a quick single system battle, or you can have a multi-player Tug-of-War as you fight across multiple space systems and upgrade your fleet between each battle. In multiplayer, you command the Federation, Romulan, Klingon, and Borg war machines. We’re still finalizing player numbers and modes.[/quote] Meaning, it's pretty flexible and sounding more and more like SFC. Then again, with any luck, the instant single battle mentioned will hopefully be available for those who want to play offline though this is merely speculation. Further down the interview, they are asked, [quote] What gaming engine is being used for the game and what are some of the features that will make the game stand out from others in the genre? Mad Doc’s capitalizing on our years of experience with Star Trek games in developing Legacy. In fact, we’ve been working on the core brand new graphics engine since 2002. We’re taking full advantage of the platforms powerful enough to give us a result that looks truly cinematic. So get ready, because this one’s gonna look a lot different than what you’re used to seeing - the look, the feel, and the beauty of this game are striking. A few times when people have been passing by our screens they’ve thought they were looking at a movie. This level of realism alone is enough to make Legacy stand out amongst other games. And don’t worry – we’re having some serious fun with gameplay elements as well. [/quote] Now, considering Mad Doc are doing this engine and bearing in mind the Armada games were hardly top of the line, the screenshots attached really do show something that IS cinematic. Now, are they actually cinematic sequences or actual ingame scenes. If this is the case, anybody want a new computer as I doubt the requirements are going to be the lowest you've ever seen, then again, I'm sure there will be a minimum settings requirement that still allows you to play it on the less superior machines out there. This is speculation though and maybe they've found a way to limit the requirements, but who knows? Now going to what there atually is to choose from, on the main overview it states clearly that, [quote]Over sixty ships and four playable races From small scouts and light cruisers to fearsome battleships. Command the powerful fleets of the Federation, Klingon, Romulan, and Borg races. All beautifully rendered with the latest technology.[/quote] Ok, I did some maths, so let's see: 60/4 = 15. This means, there would be 15 ships per race. 15/3 = 5. This means there are 5 ships per era, per race. Anyone think that's slightly small? Not to matter eh, it's moddable, so more ships to come :P Another thing that is obvious from the site is that some ships have been "kit-bashed". This has also been confirmed in numerous interviews that I've scrolled through, all of which can be located here, http://startrek.bethsoft.com/links/interviews.html Coming to an end, I just have a couple more things to say: 1) According to lots of sources, more information will be released around E3 times...seeing as E3 has started, we must only wait a short time, surely? :D 2) Anybody know what this could be, I'm at a loss really: [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v224/joelteon7/LegacyBannerRightSize.jpg[/IMG] :P Very finally, I leave you with my favourite pics shown on the official site for the PC version of Legacy, located here, http://startrek.bethsoft.com/art/legacy_pcscreens.html [/quote]

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