Major Bug found in SFC3:Rexpansion!

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Published by mdcobbin 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Hello, There is a major bug found in the specs switches in SFC3:Rexpansion. If you installed SFC3: Rexpansion MiniDW fix #1, SFC3: Rexpansion + MiniDW full installer, or SFC3: MiniDW scripts update, the stock sitch will NOT install correct stock files but will install old modded specs. Meaning that you cannot switch back to stock specs. Instead, it switched your SFC3 to 2007.1 version (modded but without dominion/cardassian/breen ships).

This bug will be fixed in the next full release of SFC3:Rexpansion 2009, scheduled for May. The setup installer and switch files will be re-organized and remade. Please do not use the "switch to stock" shortcut on your desktop for now. If you would like to suggest any new features in the setup wizard, please post your comment here.

Thanks for your patience,

You-Cheng Hsieh

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