Next Movie To Deal With Romulan Wars?

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The Romulan Wars are tipped to be the subject of the next Star Trek feature film. Enterprise executive producer Brannon Braga reportedly told the Star Trek Communicator that the series may not be able to feature the Romulan Wars because of a possible clash with the upcoming movie. "It's certainly one of the things that we've been discussing," Braga reportedly said. "But there's also a prequel feature in development regarding the Romulan Wars, so we might have to stay away from that." In the same magazine, franchise head honcho Rick Berman said Trek XI would be set before the time of Kirk, but would not be connected with Enterprise. The first sighting of the Romulans came in the second-season episode, "Minefield", in which the NX-01 inadvertantly strayed into Romulan territory. According to established Star Trek lore, the Romulan Neutral Zone was established in 2160 after a long war between Earth and the Romulans. With "Zero Hour" taking place in 2154, the Romulan Wars could conceivably take place during Enterprise's run. Braga also discussed the storylines in development for Enterprise's fourth season, including the return of the Temporal Cold War. "One thing we're discussing is possibly blowing the lid off the Temporal Cold War once and for all," he reportedly said. "That's probably something we'll do in this first storyline. I can't say that for sure, because we're just getting into it. But I'd really like to resolve that and put a cap on it. It would be a nice thing to do after three seasons of teasing it along." The foundation of the Federation could also start to figure heavily in the series. "There are going to be some major interstellar events and conflicts happening that could involve the forming of the federation. We're going to see more of what's going on back at Earth. We might see something dealing with the Eugenics Wars." To read the complete interviews with Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, pick up the latest issue of the Star Trek Communicator.

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