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Published by Fallen_Warrior 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Ok, It seems I have to do this at least twice a year and here it has come again. There will be no argument, no discussion, not even comments are going to be allowed on this news item as this is very very very SIMPLE. Modelers, Texturers, Kitbashers and anyone else who knows what they are doing to get models into your game. Demand that you show the proper respect. And that you ask their permission! All it takes is an email and some patience. People spend a great deal of their free time making you guys and gals who can't make the models or the textures themselves. Some models take months of work through a combination of a lot of people. The Premonition being the example of one of these ships. The original design was taken redesigned by Azel/Atlom, this consisted of drawing up a top, side, front, rear and underside view in very high detail. These drawings sometimes take him days of work. Then Queball while working with Azel spent about a month plus making the model, reduction of polies, and making it's textures into a model worthy of putting into SFC and BC. Then after Emailing both Queball and Azel for permission I retextured it, made new lightmaps, this alone took me around 50 hours of work thats over 2 days of none stop work! Double checked with both the original authors to confirm that I was OK to upload it to various sites. Then I did just that. Not for my own personal benefit. But for you the players! Modelers, Texturers are a very particular group of people. We don't get paid. We have to give credit to Viacom, Paramount, Taldren, Activision or whoever else produced the games/shows BY LAW. We must also add a disclaimer. This basically stops us from making any kind of profit on our work. Claiming our own using intellectual property/ownership and so forth. This is law. Meaning that not adding a disclaimer could get us locked up. This also happens to be why models have a very long readme attached to them. Now when one of the modders goes looking for models they don't care about the work that has being placed into that model, only that it serves their purposes and looks good. The responsibility of the modder is secure permission of use. Balance all the models so they play in a fair game. Now I said SECURE permission! This is very simple, it's not sending an email and using it anyway. It means sending an email to everyone who has worked on the model and then waiting for a reply from all those Involved. If you don't get all the OK's you don't use it! This is also LAW, a very helpful useful law called a Creative Commons License. I had to pay a lawyer a large amount of my own money to make one for OutaLance. OutaLance has over 50 members in, each one with their own unique requests and clauses My CCL has to reflect this. I have also been entrusted with a much larger collection of models that are made by people outside of OutaLance. Again my CCL has to cover these issues. Sound simple doesn't it? Then why the hell Do I keep having to remind you people about this twice a year? Why do I have to keep pulling mods. Do you honestly think I enjoy having to do this. This site hardly gets anything new. I will not tolerate laziness when it comes to anyones work being misused and basically STOLEN. Sure you can give credit. Most modelers are happy with that. (It will say that in their readme) But most of them will kick up a large fuss and this site could get closed in a matter of hours if those modelers start making demands. Remember this Modders, If it wasn't for modelers/texturers/designers You would have no models to place into mods. Also your all extremely lucky that modelers don't demand that you credit their work in screenshots you post. So lets recap for those that think they still know better. Gain permission from all the original authors through either Email, Instant message, Personal message through a site or forum, do what you have to do to get permission for anything that you the modder wishes to distrobute freely around the world. Wait till you get a reply! almost every single modeler will say yes if you ask them. But however as you can see from the recent STO mod. If you don't seek permission The Files will be pulled and you have spent however many days/weeks for nothing. You damage the fragile balance between the communities and in most cases you deny sites like SFC3Files the OK for even getting a new ship. Consider this Battleclinic has over 7000 models (at least 4000 of these belong to OutaLance) and SFC3files barely has 3000, This is because most modelers do not want their work hosted here, because of idiots and thieves who have no respect for their work. Now before I get even more worked up about this I will end this news Item now. Fallen_Warrior SFC3Files Owner and Director of OutaLance Shipyards
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