SFC3: RExpansion Clarification Statement

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A few days ago someone posted in the filefront forums that his antivirus software has detected the file of my mod, SFC3:Rexpansion, contains Adwares. I would like to post an official clarification statement here that such accusation is incorrect and without any proof of evidence. All files of SFC3:Rexpansion that are either hosted at SFC3files, or Battleclinic, are safe and secured, without any virus, adwares, troy, worms, or anything that may damage your system or steal your personal data.

Please feel free to download any files of SFC3:Rexpansion and install them on your system. I sincerely hope you may enjoy the new and improved SFC3 gaming experience it brings. As for the person who made such slander for my mod, I don't intend to take any action toward him. But I hope he should think more before posting anything at the forums in the future.

Download the SFC3:Rexpansion from SFC3files -- http://sfc3files.com/files/Starfleet_Command_III/Mods/Rebalance_Expansion;7867

Download SFC3:Rexpansion+minidw full installer -- http://www.dynaverse.net/forum/index.php/topic,163380140.0.html

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